Hi, I'm Mai - founder of Maivino, a wine company that makes it easy to have just one glass on a Sunday night.


Most wine is served as it was 400 years ago in a bottle that's too big for most individuals to consume in one sitting packaged stuffed with a cork that has a 4% chance of compromising the wine.


The solution? Boxed wine. While no one has ever tried to preserve Franzia for 30 days, I learned that the airtight pouches keep wine fresh for a month after opening.


Unfortunately, while there are some great boxed wines, I wanted better options. Ones with no added sugar or fake oak essence. Ones that came from vineyards that employ sustainable farming practices.


So meet Maivino - vegan bagged wine. At Maivino, we source and produce vegan wines. Our airtight package ditches the box and reduces wine's carbon footprint by 80%.


Our latest batch of wines hails from Columbia Valley, Washington State, and Curicó Valley, Chile.


I can't wait for you to try them :).


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