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Reviews (4)

  • where to get mammogram without without a referral?

    Regarding mammograms—The folks at Maimonides were terrific and they have the most state of the art equipment.
  • (no subject)

    Another vote for Maimonides. They have a dedicated pediatric ER and it's not too far from home. My DD was admitted there earlier this year, and we loved the all the docs and nurses. (December 2011)
  • (no subject)

    I have found the Pediatric ER at Maimonides (in Boro Park) to be outstanding! Wait times are generally expedited. We have always been triaged in no more than 10 minutes of arrival. If You have to have any sort of lab work, you will wait for the results which will take about 1-1.5 hours to get the results. Xrays maybe about 30 minutes. The atmosphere in the ER is as pleasant as one can expect. Murals on the walls/ ceilings, individual cubicals with cable tv (which can be a valuable distraction at times like these), there are nurses who come around with bubbles, coloring pages & crayons, stickers, & offering juice/ ice pops (if allowed). They really try to keep the child calm & comfortable as possible. The pediatric staff have always been courteous & willing answer any concerns, even after you have been released. At times they can get very busy, just like any city hospital, but the quality of care far surpasses anything we have ever experienced at Methodist. (December 2011)
  • (no subject)

    Here's another vote for the pediatric ER at Maimonides. My 5-yr son was most recently there in September for a broken elbow, but we've also been there with him for a sudden ear infection on New Year's Day and also some stitches in his forehead when he was 3. They have always triaged us quickly, and have been great about calling in specialists, like a plastic surgeon for the stitches. While it can get busy, they are efficient. And all the staff we have ever encountered there -- whether it's intake / triage, the person dealing with administrative paperwork, the RNs, the doctors, the radiologists -- all have been top notch. I personally had a *terrible* experience at Methodist when I went in with a broken hand, and vowed never to return. But maybe they've gotten better since I was there in 2007. (December 2011)