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Luna Park


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Reviews (4)

  • Birthday parties

    We had our five-year old's at Luna Park. I would recommend it if your group isn't too big, but it was a bit pricey as we realized after the fact that we needed to provide wristbands for parents as well as kids. But they have a nice party area (outdoors) and you get "hosts" who really move things along and make the party happen. Our date rained and they were quick to help us reschedule. And the kids LOVED it. If you have a small group it can be really fun with the kids going on all the rides together. It was definitely one they'll remember!
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    We had our twins' 9th birthday party here and it was a great experience. The kids and their guests got ride bracelets that let them run around for 3 hours, then we went into their party room for pizza and cake. They also got a 30 minute card to the arcade, which we did after pizza and cake and it was a great way to end the party, with everyone together. Depending on how many kids you have at the party, you'll need lots of parents there to run around with them and keep an eye on them, because they probably won't all want to go on the same rides at the same time. Overall, it was a great party and we found the Luna Park staff to be very helpful and easy to work with.
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    6 Venue Review: We did not have a 'formal party' we just did rides and games for a while
  • Luna park birthday party

    Book the11am slot, you will have the park to yourself. It will start getting busy after lunch. Had a great experience there at a friend's party.