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  • Looking for store to try out lots of stroller models

    Lullaby Baby on 5th Ave in South Slope has a good selection. I've always found them very nice and knowledgeable. We went to get a double stroller after our second kid was born and the salesperson clearly understood what our needs were and convinced us to get a brand that I wasn't familiar with. Going on two years now and it's been great, so certainly glad to have listened to her! And always feels nice to support a local store.
  • Stroller store recs

    Lullaby Baby on 5th Ave is great!
  • Stroller store recs

    Lullaby Baby on 5th ave b/w 11th and 12th street has lots of strollers! They are also helpful and can order things for you. I've bought strollers, car seats, high chairs and a glider there.
  • Shout Out Your Favorite Local Business!

    Lullabye Baby- so helpful and kind
  • Shout out to Lullaby Baby

    I wanted to give a shout out to Yossie at Lullaby Baby on 5th Avenue. We are having our second kid in three weeks and have been less than proactive around obtaining some additional items for kiddo #2. We sent an email to Yossie with a link to items we needed on the manufacturers website and several days later he delivered those items assembled to us at no extra charge (including a stroller and high chair). He even has texted me photos on assembly of additional items. The customer service can not be matched!
  • Any advice on which Umbrella stroller to buy?

    I highly recommend going to Lullabye Baby on 5th Ave. They have a bunch of options that you can try out in the store, and they were super helpful talking through what would work best for me based on what I wanted to use it for. I ended up going with the Minu and love it- and they threw in a free rain cover with it!
  • Brooklyn logo onesies?

    Yes! Lullaby Baby on 5th ave does. It’s such a great baby store and the people working there are lovely.
  • Shout out to Lullaby Baby

    I had a great experience shopping at Lullaby Baby on 5th ave in south slope. The owner was very knowledgeable and patient. Wonderful customer service. Glad I could support a local business.
  • Shout out for your favorite local, independent toy store? (12/2018)

    Lullaby Baby on Fifth Avenue between 11th and 12th has a great selection of toys for babies and toddlers (+ scooters in the summer), and the owner is a really nice man. Just a warning that it's closed on Saturdays and all Jewish holidays.
  • Shout out to Yassi at Lullaby Baby | Amazing baby store Park Slope (May, 2018)

    Just wanted to thank Yassi at Lullaby Baby, Park Slope for his amazing customer service every time. We just got the Clek Foonf 'Unicorno Disco Party' convertible car seat, he has car seats at all price points and a list of car seat installation specialists. He knows baby products back to front and personally delivered our car seat yesterday. Nice to support a local baby store, rather than one of the big chains. Such a better experience!! Give him a call or stop by for ultimate customer service experience and great deals. If something isn't on his website he can usually order it in. With great thanks,
  • SHOUT OUT: Lullaby Baby

    I have to second the shout out for Lullaby baby. That store has been a lifesaver for us. The owner, Yossi, is so nice and helpful. He always gives great advice. I bought both of our strollers there and he let me test them out countless times. If he doesn't have something in stock he will order if for me. He also will deliver to most places in the neighborhood for free. The store is great, highly recommend it! (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • SHOUT OUT: Lullaby Baby

    I second that recommendation. I bought my breast pump there. The prices were the same as babies r us/buy buy baby. He gave me lots of advice and even tried to steer me towards the cheapest one (as I only wanted it as back up). I chose the most expensive and he offered me a $30 discount. I told him not to as my insurance covered the pump 100 percent so no sense in him losing money. So he didn't discount it but he INSISTED on giving me a $30 voucher for the shop. I was amazed! A really nice guy and great shop (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • SHOUT OUT: Lullaby Baby

    To anyone interested in "keeping it local," Even though it's been in the neighborhood for 2+ years, I just discovered Lullaby Baby yesterday (5th Ave btw 11-12th) and wanted to recommend it as a terrific alternative to the big box stores and giant online retailers for all baby needs. I went in looking for some breastfeeding supplies, and was super impressed with the store's inventory. They had everything from feeding, to bath, to apparel, to furniture... and the owner, a father of three, was so helpful and patient listening to my needs and offering various options. I have zero affiliation with the store, btw. I just hope it stays around -- as it's an ultra convenient way for this South Slope mama to keep on top of my newborn's needs. (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • Re: Store with good selection of "loveys"?

    I second Lullybaby. More selections and the guy (I think he's the owner) is very nice and welcoming compare to Lulu store (who makes me uncomfortable every time I visit the store)
  • Re: Store with good selection of "loveys"?

    I love Lullaby too. So nice!
  • Re: Store with good selection of "loveys"?

    Lullaby on 5th Ave in South Slope has a nice selection of Angel Dear blankies like these: Our daughter has one that became her favorite bedtime lovey.
  • Re: Bklyn store for trying strollers

    We had a great experience at Everything but the Baby on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, and Lullaby Baby on 5th Avenue and 12th street. Both have a lot of strollers to try out and lots of opinions to go with them.
  • Re: Bklyn store for trying strollers

    Also Lullaby Baby at 5th ave and 11th street.
  • Re: Place in neighborhood to try and buy stroller?

    Lullaby Baby in south slope on 5th ave has a great selection and the owner is super helpful and welcoming!
  • where to purchase babyproofing items?

    Lullaby Baby on 5th Av between 11th and 12th streets. They have a good selection. November 2011