Lowlands Bar
Lowlands Bar


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Reviews (2)

  • Summary and thanks: Looking for party space for adults

    Lowlands Bar in Gowanus last summer. My friend and I had a joint party and had about 75 guests. The staff was incredibly nice to work with and they allow outside food, which kept the price down. We asked for an open bar, but they can suggest other options. We played music through their speaker system (just made a playlist on Spotify). They have a great outdoor space in the back (we decided to rent a tent just in case).
  • ideas for hosting a coed baby shower

    We threw our baby shower (not a surprise) at Lowlands on 3rd Avenue and 14th Street. Both places, food was brought in (Middle Eastern at one, 6 ft. subs and salads at the other) and the hosts (and/or maybe our parents?) paid for the drinks. The bars were super nice and offered drinks specials and the like. It's a good deal for them if you do it when they're usually quiet - or even closed (like noon). We didn't play games or open presents. Just hung out and had fun. There were a few kids there too. Lowlands has a nice backyard which was good for the kiddos.