Little Hearts CPR - Amy Gross
Little Hearts CPR - Amy Gross


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Reviews (5)

  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Little hearts CPR - loved it. Instructor was awesome. Classic tiny no frills midtown office space, but the instruction for overall child safety was indispensable.
  • infant CPR recommendation?

    We really liked Amy Gross. She was thorough and funny. She offers the class in Manhattan.
  • Recommendation

    Infant AND CHILD CPR and Choking Relief and Baby-safety. With my nanny, I recently attended an Infant and Child CPR class with Amy Gross. I found her website very helpful and scheduling very easy. I had a few questions before signing up for the class and Amy returned my phone call within an hour of my voice message. We were able to attend a class in Manhattan, booking only 3 days in advance. Payment transaction was also very easy. Amy teaches more than just CPR and choking relief but also baby-safety, which is a plus. She is very very knowledgeable and experienced in all of these areas. She is very lively and entertaining in her teaching and the class is taught at a faster pace than classes I’ve taken in the past. All of this made an often boring but ABSOLUTELY necessary class fly-by time-wise. Also we practiced a lot and we were given a guide book to take home with us. I’ve taken CPR about 5-6 times over the past 20 years; and have been certified in a few of these classes. The last 2 were refreshers and taken not for certification, but rather due to the birth and continued thriving of my 2.5 year old son. We took one class a month or so before he was born and now again at 2.5 years. I really wish I hadn’t waited so long to take that second course. It was great to have the refresher in order to have these psycho-motor skills ingrained again in my mind and body. If I could do it again, I’d go back and take a class at least every year of his life. Infant CPR changes at 1 year to Child CPR. And, since I find that most people that attend an infant/child CPR class are attending because they care for an infant in some capacity, often the focus is on infant CPR and the child CPR part is mostly left out. In this case, a refresher is definitely needed to understand the nuances between the two and particularly to your baby. For those with infants around 1 year, Amy was very clear for each of them about when to do the shift since it doesn’t really change from one-day to the next. This was super valuable and often un-written information. Moreover, since I’ve come to believe that my role this year for my 2 year old son is to keep him from killing himself, Child CPR and Choking Relief classes are a must! I can only assume that I will find them necessary as well in the future. Amy makes taking refresher classes easy and affordable with discounts for taking them within 6 months and 1 year of taking your first (or previous) class with her. If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t have let so much time pass between courses. Now that I do know, I’ll be sure to take another course on a regular-basis, and definitely within a year. Since it’s so affordable, I’m definitely going to keep my nanny’s skills in CPR up regularly too.
  • Re: ISO in home CPR training

    We went to Little Hearts CPR. It was great. We learned more than just CPR, Amy Gross taught and demonstrated infant CPR, as well as choking hazards, and other household hazards and thinks to know. Invaluable. She's in Manhattan, but I'd be surprised if she didn't make house calls. Worth every dollar.
  • Infant CPR

    Earlier this week, my wife and I took the Infant CPR class at Little Hearts CPR Class. We walked away completed impressed with what we learned. Amy Gross, the owner/instructor, has been teaching this class for years and clearly knows her stuff. Yes, we learned Infant CPR and how to de-choke an infant (what we expected, and valuable, yet we hope to never use). We also learned many more practical lessons that on the surface are human nature, but also learned "why" we should do things that may not always be as obvious. Not in the title of the course, she demonstrated and explained the right/wrong way to use car seats, using them in taxis, planes, and someone else's car, hot water burns, and many many safety considerations around your house. She even briefly discussed Adult CPR. Most important, she emphasized prevention. I don't normally comment on these types of courses (as normally they're boring and cover the stated outline). I recommend Little Hearts CPR to expectant parents, as well as other family/friends/nanny's that will be around you kid often).