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Little Essentials is a non-profit that collects gently used baby/children's clothing (0-4 years) and baby gear for NYC families living in poverty.  Little Essentials partners with homeless shelters, city agencies, hospitals & community organizations to cut through government red tape and provide our community partners these essential baby items so they can distribute them directly to families in need across NYC.  Little Essentials is often the difference between a mother interviewing only for jobs that her two-year-old child can walk or be carried to, and being able to travel city-wide because she has a stroller.  So far Little Essentials has helped over 25,000 NYC children!


Please be sure all clothing is WASHED and HEAT DRIED (when possible) and is free of ANY stains, rips, broken zippers, etc.

If you wouldn't donate the item to a friend, please do not donate it to Little Essentials.  If you follow this simple guideline you are helping us make sure that every item we hand down to a child, makes that child feel deserving and dignified.

Please check out website for our current list of ACCEPTED ITEMS.  If you are unsure, please contact us to ask about donating a specific item. 

All donations must be dropped off at the LE warehouse in Tribeca at 15 Warren Street in Manhattan.  Please check our website for the current drop off dates and times as they change often.  We are in the basement of Tribeca Pediatrics and have access to a street level elevator.  If you require assistance with your donation, please call us at 646-850-3611 to schedule a specific drop off time during our designated dates/times and we will meet you at your car to receive your donations.  No need to park or even take your kids out of the car!  You can even print your tax donation receipt directly from our website.


Little Essentials counts on volunteers to: sort/organize incoming donations, repair/clean items, check recall lists, and other duties as assigned. Please click this link to fill out a volunteer application. 

We are so thankful for the support of our amazing Brooklyn families!


Reviews (8)

  • ISO Diaper Donation in Brooklyn

    Absolutely! Little Essentials in Tribeca at 15 Warren Street (beneath Tribeca Pediatrics) would love your diapers (opened packs work) and baby wipes (unopened only)! They are a tremendous organization and partner with shelters and agencies city-wide to help our most vulnerable neighbors, children under 5 years of age living below the poverty line in New York. They do fantastic work. In addition to diapers and wipes, you can also donate your clothing (no holes and without stains), strollers, safe places to put baby (bassinet, pack n' play, portable crib), baby carriers, and more.
  • Donate old car seat/wheels?

    Little Essentials is a great place to donate any/all used baby goods…not sure if they take older car seats…but they might like the wheels...
  • Donations

    Little Essentials ( will take baby clothes up to age 4 as well as essential baby gear (strollers, car seats, pack’n plays, cribs), some toys (only in excellent condition, please) and some pregnancy stuff. The full list of accepted items is available on the website. Drop-off is in Tribeca, but occasionally there are collections in Brooklyn. Full disclosure, I’m on the board, and we’re in need of donations at the moment, especially gear, which can make a huge, sometimes crucial, difference in the lives of fellow parents trying to take care of their babies and toddlers through crisis situations like homelessness, feeing domestic violence, leaving foster care etc.
  • Looking for a charity in the neighborhood

    Little Essentials is an amazing, small, well-run organization in the neighborhood! See for more information about the organization, and see for the list of items that they accept and details.
  • Re: Place to donate pack-and-play

    Little Essentials collects & donates gently used baby gear to parents living in shelters. They accept drop off at their warehouse in Gowanus (24 15th St #204) every Monday starting in January and every third Saturday of the month. More info at
  • Re: Where can I donate a used crib mattress?

    Little Essentials will take it if you can drop it off at the warehouse in Gowanus (24 15th St #204 between 2nd & 3rd Ave) on the following Saturdays: [check website]:
  • Little Essentials To Donate Baby Gear (Shout Out!)

    I wanted to give a shout out to Little Essentials, a Brooklyn-based charity that takes your gently used baby gear and gives to others in need. We just donated items last week via their pick up system and they couldn't have been easier to work with. We filled out an online form and then told us the next potential pick up date. They arrived during the given time frame and were super friendly. For folks who don't have a car, or who can't get to them, it was a great option.
  • Local Charity Shout Out - Little Essentials

    We recently completed an international move from Park Slope and had a bunch of baby and toddler items to donate (clothing, toys, stroller, high chair, bottles, etc). In searching for a place that would accept our loot, I stumbled upon a link for Little Essentials (, which is a great local charity that accepts nearly every type of baby item you could imagine. Better yet, they offer pick up if you have a lot of stuff to donate. My husband dropped off our haul to their warehouse in the Gowanus, and was really impressed with the operation. I have no affiliation with the charity whatsoever - I just love their mandate (Brooklyn families helping Brooklyn families), and was happy to find a place that accepted nearly all of the baby/toddler items we wanted to donate. Consider giving them a shot next time you're looking to donate some baby/toddler items.