Lisah Dance Co/ LHG Creative
Lisah Dance Co/ LHG Creative


"Located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, Lisah Dance Co is a professional level dance and performing arts school that brings professionals and young artists together by providing quality education and performances to students and audiences of all ages.

At Lisah Dance Co, we focus on proper technique, anatomical alignment, developing and discovering our individual artistry and embracing the diversity of the world around us. We are a school for students who are dedicated to learning the discipline and vulnerable artistry required in the performing arts.

The schools attachment to our production company LHG Creative, enables us to provide high quality classes with professional level production. Because of this professional level of education, LHG Creative is able to invite dedicated students from Lisah Dance Co into their professional productions.

We proudly accept students of all abilities, genders, races, cultures, identities and financial backgrounds. If you have any questions regarding your individual child’s needs, please reach out to us! Financial aid options are available.

For Questions and Registration, Please Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Reviews (10)

  • Tap or Musical Theater for 5yo near North Slope?

    Lisah Dance Co! My 6 year old has been doing ballet (and now tap) since she was 4 and loves it. Lisah works really hard and is a very warm and dedicated teacher/owner.
  • shout out to Lisah Dance Company & their new acting class!

    Hi PSP families - for the past 1.5 years my daughter has taken modern dance at the Lisah Dance Company. She likes it so much she asked them if they would add an acting class, which they are doing starting January 29! It is a beginner acting class (NOT musical theater, this was important to my daughter). I have no affiliation with the school, but because of our good experience I wanted to share the opportunity with other families...I think it will be more fun with more kids. The class is meeting on Mondays from 3:45-4:45pm, at Studio Maya which is on Bergen Street off Vanderbilt. It's for kids ages 7-12.
  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Prospect heights How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 7 Review: It was great! They put a song together, a little play, very safe and nurturing staff and space. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Wish they stretched to 6pm.
  • Breakdancing Classes

    Our daughters have been taking dance classes at Lisah Dance Co. ( for several years and they have hip hop classes. The studio is located in Prospect Heights. Our daughters absolutely love their dance classes (neither has taken hip hop though) and Ms. Lisah!
  • LHG Creative

    Dear Parents! Wanted to give a 5-star recommendation for Lisah Graziano's dance classes. My kids have done ballet, modern and creative dance in both classes and camps for the past 4 years and I couldn't be happier. Lisah talks up to the kids and takes them seriously - plus gives them an education in dance, music, etc while keeping them engaged and active. I'm thrilled to see how they have grown in confidence while performing, but more importantly, a curiosity and love for dance. Great for any age 3+!
  • dance summer day camp programs?

    Lisah Dance Co has a few different summer camps for ten year olds this year. My kids have enjoyed her classes and my kindergartener did the Creative Performers Camp last summer and loved it. The quality of the instruction was great - my kid picked up a lot of good vocabulary about storytelling and produced a coherent book (not nothing for a rising kindergartener), the crafts were pretty high quality and the dance instruction is also good.
  • Ballet Class for 3yr Old

    +1 to [Lisah Dance Co] recommendation. She's awesome!
  • Ballet Class for 3yr Old

    Lisah Dance Co is great. Her Creative Ballet class is super fun. Both my kids (now 5 and 8) really LOVED that class.
  • dance class for 10 year old?

    My daughters love their dance classes at Lisah Dance Co.
  • Ballet classes online for almost 5 year old

    We have been taking classes with Lisah Graziano. We were in her before the shut down, and transitioned nicely to these. My girls love their time with Miss. Lisah. She has some creative writing classes as well that my older one (7) likes. She just posted her summer classes, and we are thrilled!! She is a small studio in real life, and has really come through during this time. She has classes now that you might be able to join as well.