Lisa H. Shulman, MD
Lisa H. Shulman, MD


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Reviews (3)

  • Developmental pediatrician

    Dr Lisa Shulman and her team at Montefiore are the most thorough developmental pediatricians and have a specialty in autism assessment. We take our son to that team for other issues, and we have been continuously floored by the quality of assessment and care. For scheduling an initial appointment, contact Ms. Alisa Perrington who does evaluation scheduling at : 718-839-7125 or email : The ADOS is the gold-standard for autism assessment and many pediatric departments still don’t do; Montefiore has a speciality in the ADOS and developmental pediatric assessment of young children.
  • Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

    Just FYI, Dr Shulman recently took over as director of the Center at Montefiore, and so isn’t seeing patients anymore (or at least new ones). We saw Dr. Schechtman there and she was also wonderful. They have a number of talented clinicians.
  • Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

    Dr. Lisa Shulman at Montefiore in the Bronx is an incredibly thorough and experienced developmental pediatrician. She’s been very helpful to our family and seeing her has been more than worth borrowing a friend’s car for the trip to the Bronx. She’s the most thorough and clear clinician I’ve encountered in getting an understanding of my son’s needs. Also Montefiore conducts the ADOS assessment, the gold standard for autism assessment. And takes most insurances: