Lisa Auerbach - Grades 7-12/Adults
Lisa Auerbach - Grades 7-12/Adults


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  • Re: ISO: homework/writing tutor

    My son worked with Lisa Auerbach from 8grade on and she was great with him on homework, organization, priorities, etc. he is now a sophomore in a great college.
  • Review/Recommendation - Tutoring Services

    Lisa Auerbach has worked with my son since 8th grade, helping him with essay writing, time management, organization, as well as study skills. Although very bright, my son has Executive Functioning issues that impeded his progress and caused him tremendous anxiety. He is now a senior in high school and has greatly improved and, just as important, has tremendous confidence in his abilities. Lisa not only worked on the tools that he needed to succeed but with the anxiety that he faced daily because of his lack of organization. She strongly believes that the emotional well-being of a child is at the center of what helps a child succeed academically. She can also work with adults that struggle with organization and time management. I highly recommend her.