Linda Szmulewitz - Sleep Tight Consultants
Linda Szmulewitz - Sleep Tight Consultants


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Reviews (2)

  • ISO sleep consultant

    She isn't in the Baltimore area, but we worked with Linda at Sleep Tight Consultants with our kiddo as a baby (at the rec of another PSP parent) and she was excellent. She worked really one-on-one with us and tailored things to our child and us. Among the best money we've ever spent. I'm not sure if there's an age limit to the kids she works with, but it could be worth asking!
  • Need solutions for bedtime issues

    I cracked back in July and asked the list serve for a sleep coach and found Linda Szmulewitz. After two weeks my non-sleeper was on board and rarely stirs. My only regret is waiting so long. Also, because she’s based out of the Midwest, I found her pricing to be more competitive. You get 6-7 additional follow up calls from the initial consultation.