Linda Dahl, MD
Linda Dahl, MD


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  • Looking for pediatric ENT

    I didn’t have this specific issue but worked with pediatric ent - Dr. Dahl with my daughter as a newborn and thought she was wonderful. A good friend recently had a very positive experience w her as well. This is just a more general rec for a great doc.
  • Tongue tie assessment

    We used Dr Dahl to treat my son’s lip and tongue tie at just 6 days old. The procedure was quick and I appreciated her compassion, especially as a sleep deprived mom that overwhelmed with figuring out how to help breastfeed her baby. I can’t say for sure that this was what enabled us to breastfeed (it was an uphill battle with a number of issues) but I do think this helped set us on the path in doing so.
  • feedback/recs for cranio-sacral therapists for newborn nursing issues

    I can speak for myself— having a right jaw is miserable and messes with many aspects of my life. I would def pursue the c-s therapy rec for your little Sweetie. I wish I had a place to recommend. I hope it helps! In addition, I’d get an eval with Dr. Linda Dahl (ENT). She specializes in breastfeeding. My daughter had a different issue than your Little One. However, literally countless specialists (inpatient, outpatient, EI!) saw her and came up with exactly zero. Dr. Dahl nailed it in about 3 min. She went on to nurse for 16m. There’s more backstory— feel free to message me if you’re interested. The gist really is that Dr. Dahl is such a great diagnostician with BFing oddities. My only Dr. Dahl regret is not going sooner. She’s in midtown east. We were there summer 2019.
  • Recommendation: ENT for tongue or lip tie

    If you're looking for an ENT, Dr. Linda Dahl is amazing: I was having trouble breastfeeding and my lactation consultant recommended her to check out his tongue tie (turns out he also had a lip tie). She works exclusively with breastfeeding moms right now and was so knowledgable. My newborn had a quick recovery and is doing so much better. She's in manhattan but I'm so glad I made the trip in.
  • FYI - ENT for BFing

    Hey May Team. I want to share this FYI bc if I had this info when [my daughter] was first born, or even 2 month this old, we’d have had a very different nursing experience. She is a well child and has no lip or tongue ties (latter confirmed by NICU staff, pediatrician, IBCLC, and speech/language pathologist). Despite this, [my daughter] can only gain weight when I artificially up my milk supply with an insane amount of supplements. That’s not normal. A healthy child should have no problem maintain a milk supply. I’ve been all over the universe trying to figure this out. After 101 detours, I found Dr. Linda Dahl on PSP when I searched the Advice archives on BFing. She’s an ENT who specializes in BFing. We just saw her and we had a totally different assessment from everyone else. Dr. Dahl diagnosed [my daughter] as having some weird anatomy in her head and palate that won't impact anything at all in life or development *except* BFing. No one seems to be trained in spotting this, which I find incredibly frustrating. Dr. Dahl confirmed - no lip or tongue ties. But, she suggested clipping them as if they were tied in order to compensate for the odd anatomy. Apparently, she sees this all the time and that fixes things for most babes. This may not work to correct [my daughter's] poor eating bc now she’s approaching 4 months old and he habits. Your babes, however, are younger! We would have had a greater chance with Dr. Dahl’s correction had we been here months ago. Fingers crossed, though. If anyone is having issues, consider this consult. I found her to be very pleasant, knowledgeable, and thorough. I most appreciated, though, that she had a totally different take than everyone else. Dr. Dahl also had clear science-based, physiological explanations for it. ALL of my other providers are in agreement with one another, yet they are all wrong bc Angelina does not — cannot — put on weight without my heroic supplement (Fenugreek, etc.) measures. All the docs and IBCLC say “She’s healthy. You can trust her to just nurse and gain weight.” That has proven false every single time I wean down supplements. Here’s hoping this works for [my daughter]. Hwres hoping that sharing resources helps others avoid stress. (July 2019)

    I don’t have personal experience, but I’ve heard that Methodist has feeding therapy. Just in case— let me mention that we had a great (and informative!!) experience with Dr. Dahl who is an ENT. We had some big (yet mysterious) challenges with BFing w my second and Dr. Dahl was very helpful. Best of luck to you. I’ve been through lots of feeding anomalies stressors and it’s really tough. Hang in there.
  • “Posterior tongue tie” experience/advice

    I highly recommend Dr. Dahl, she’s amazing. She’s in Midtown, but worth the trek.
  • ENT rec

    I highly recommend Dr. Dahl. She’s in the east 50s, which I know isn’t super convenient, but she has a whole suite of her office dedicated to helping moms with breastfeeding issues. She fixed my daughter’s tongue tie and gave me a lot of support at a time when breastfeeding was very painful!
  • Tongue Tie - Recommendation?

    My daughter had a tongue tie and we went to Dr. Dahl in Midtown. She was so worth the trek to Manhattan. She is a pediatric ENT and specializes in this issue. She is incredibly kind and professional and helped me solve the feeding problems I was having with my daughter. She has a special breastfeeding suite dedicated to helping new parents. I cannot say enough good things about her!
  • Re: ENT recs for frenulum clip

    I would recommend Dr. Linda Dahl. Her office is in Midtown East. I went to her when I suspected my son might have an upper lip tie. She advised me against clipping it if it wasn't causing any breastfeeding issues. She seemed very knowledgeable and was super nice and supportive. Her clinic is amazing too with private spaces to nurse and a lactation consultant on site. They encourage latching the baby on and nursing right after the procedure and so the space. I do know that she doesn't use laser to fix tongue ties, only clips.
  • Re: Anyone have experience with lip-tie?

    Dr. Dahl in Manhattan is the person many of the IBCLCs in the five boroughs refer to. Check of course with your pediatrician, but there can be implications with speech development I know for posterior tongue ties, if the release is done before 3 months it is done in the office, but generally for older babies, they need to have a general anesthetic just because of the unpredictability of movement. It may be different for lip ties.
  • Re: Advice about tubes in ears/adenoids out

    We used Dr Linda Dahl to shave our then 4 year old daughter's adenoids and tonsils. She had constant mucus, they were huge and she snored loudly. Most critically it was affecting the shape of her face and the way she looked and breathed (only through her mouth). From day 2 all the symptoms improved dramatically if not disappeared completely. I'm so glad we did it. Surgery is scary but I would do it again in a minute. She needed it. Dr Dahl can take one look at your child and tell you whether he or she needs it. Good luck.