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  • recommendations for dog boarding?

    We use Lickers N Sniffers on 5h Ave close to Barclays for both daycare and boarding, and our pup loves it there, and they are cage-free. They're pretty strict on vaccines being up to date.
  • Summary - Lickers - n - Sniffers Doggy Daycare Responses

    All pre covid -- that said, they have someone sleep there overnight and don’t put dogs in crates - dogs all sleep on beds with a staff member. And the owners are so nice and amazing! I highly recommend for both doggie daycare and 100 percent use for boarding every time we are out of town! My dog has stayed at both their gowanus location as well as park slope location.
  • Summary - Lickers - n - Sniffers Doggy Daycare Responses

    Our pup has gone to the Park Slope location 2-3 times a week for the past couple years. She loves the people who work there, is excited to go in the morning, and tired coming home after playing all day. We used to take her to puppy socialization classes at the Gowanus location before the Park Slope location opened in late 2018 and she enjoyed that as well. Note, the Park Slope location recently moved one block south.
  • Summary - Lickers - n - Sniffers Doggy Daycare Responses

    We’ve been using Lickers n Sniffers for about 3 years now for daycare and boarding. Our dog absolutely loves it. We can’t pass by either location without her trying to go inside, and she’ll cry until she gets let it. The owners and staff are very kind and friendly and clearly love dogs. Plus their new 5th Ave location is bigger and has a larger backyard!
  • Lickers - n - Sniffers Doggy Daycare

    We LOVED lickers n sniffers! We brought our old Shih Tzu to the Gowanus location for grooming, once a week for day care, and would board him there while on vacation and they were wonderful to our quirky pup. The facilities were great and the staff is so friendly, loving and trusting. I highly recommend!
  • ISO recommendations for a cat sitting service

    We use Lickers and Sniffers on Bond Street in Carroll Gardens/Gowanus. They are great! Also very affordable.
  • dog boarding recommendations

    We've used the new Lickers n Sniffers on 5th Ave for daycare and our big golden retriever loves it! We haven't used it for boarding yet