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Reviews (4)

  • ISO: magician or other children’s entertainer

    We had Liam the magician for my daughter’s birthday the kids loves him. He is funny, engaging and he knows how to handle the kids. Our party was in December. Highly recommend.
  • Summary: Magician for 8yo birthday party

    If Liam the Magician is available, you’d be in luck. He is truly awesome and quite affordable compared to several other magicians. Super-fun for adults in the room too.
  • ISO: Party Entertainer for 8 year old

    We LOVE Liam the magician, so much so that we have had him as our birthday party entertainer 2 years in a row. We've seen a number of magicians over the past several years, and he truly stands out - his tricks really shock and awe, he is hilarious, he plays fun music, and in general, he just goes above and beyond. My kids were aged 5 and 6 for his shows, but I would say he is equally as entertaining for adults and children (and I understand that he does adult events as well).
  • (no subject)

    Liam the Magician is great. He gave a great show to a gaggle of girls at my daughter's 6th birthday. He even brings a live dove. I highly recommend him.