TOCA (formerly Let’s Playgroup)
TOCA (formerly Let’s Playgroup)


TOCA is an urban forest program that nurtures curiosity, imagination, confidence, resilience and an appreciation for nature in kids 2 - 8+ years old.

Children learn to appreciate the changing seasons, flora & fauna throughout the natural ebb and flow of life in the park. Each day is an opportunity to explore and encourage the imagination and creativity by using what we find in nature. 

Classes are held all year, outside, rain or shine. For the main semesters - Fall and Spring - we have a morning group for 2 - 4+ year olds and an afternoon/after school program for 5 - 8+ year olds. The Summer sessions have mixed age groups for 3 - 8+ year olds.

We also offer Portuguese for families interested in having their child exposed to either their parental native, or to a second language.

Reviews (27)

  • Recommendations for a Park Slope 2's playgroup?

    I highly recommend TOCA (formerly known as Let’s Playgroup). My son had never been in any sort of childcare before and we started sending him last Spring a couple months before he turned 3. It was the perfect environment for him as we didn’t know how he would react to being dropped off, but the small size of the group and the intimate, nurturing environment was perfect. The owner and main teacher, Lele, is incredible with children as are all of the teachers, and I loved that he was able to spend so much time outdoors last Spring and Summer. Now he’s in 3k through a DOE program which he loves but still talks about playgroup and about when he can see Lele again.
  • 3-year-old school break programs

    My 3 y-o daughter goes to Toca (formerly Lets Playgroup). They have a Holiday Group Program: She enjoys a lot! And we love the idea that she is playing freely at the park with experts who nurture her criativity. Unfortunatelly they won't take 2 yo for the Holiday Group, but they do for the Morning Group.
  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Prospect park How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 3 Review: Loved Lele and Peter who rub the group. Lele made my child feel comfortable and included within the first 10 minutes. My kid came back very dirty and very cheerful every session :) What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I’d prefer to send my kid just with a good snack for a morning only program rather than having to pack a whole lunch.
  • Looking for summer camp for 3 years old boy

    We love Let's Playgroup and Honeytree Forest School. They both are at Prospect Park the entire year (ex winter) and have great summer camps too. Small groups. Play-based. Have a real commitment to children's development in a creative way. My daughter is 3 years old and goes to both during the school year. We are definetly love them! Our daughter loves it too. She is very excited to go to the park every day.
  • ISO: Nature Based- Park Camps for 2-3year olds

    1000% Let’s Playgroup. It is magical and though our kids now need full time childcare we send them back every chance we get, just to be influenced by the wonderful Lele, Peter, and team. Could not recommend it more highly.
  • Experiences with Trailblazers?

    I've recommended Let's Playgroup before, but I'm happy to recommend them again if you're looking for an outdoor, child-led, play-centric experience in Prospect Park. Peter and Lele (who run it) are wonderful and it's been a great experience for my almost 6-y-o daughter. She attended year round during the pandemic and now does afterschool and summer. It really has been a positive anchor for us in a crazy time.
  • Summer camps in the park besides Nature Days

    We've only joined the group during school holidays but love, love, love them!
  • Fall is coming ? Recommendation for Let's Playgroup nature school in Prospect Park

    This will be my third year recommending Let's Playgroup nature group in Prospect Park. I grew up in Windsor Terrace in the 1990s and the park was my backyard, but even then I didn't have nurturing guides to show me the magic of the park like Lele and Peter. Under their guidance, my children 5 years old and 2.5 years have flourished; they've become curious and imaginative little people; and they have an appreciation for nature and the changing seasons, from gloriously temperate days to snowy days (perfect for sledding together!). Each morning is a new opportunity to find a dragon's lair, build a pirate ship, or practice drums and sing songs in different languages. Even though we do not live full time in South Slope anymore, Let's Playgroup welcomes us whenever we return to visit friends and family -- because they've become our friends and family. If you get the chance to have your child be part of this amazing community, you will not regret it. My oldest daughter started at 2.5 years old and now she is 5. I attribute her resilience and confidence in no small part to her experience with Playgroup, and now my little one is enchanted by the forest (and the bunny tree... IYKYK) too.
  • Let's Playgroup

    Let's Playgroup was our 3 year old's first school experience and we feel incredibly lucky that it was with Lele, Peter and Dani. Under the guidance of his teachers and with the wonders of an outdoor classroom, our son's connection to nature has grown incredibly. I notice that when we take simple walks around the block the way he stops to study a stick or collects seeds is a direct result of his time at Let’s Playgroup. He had initial separation anxiety but Lele really understands children and she was able to read his needs and help him make this transition. His confidence in himself and his physical abilities are stronger. His imaginative play is brighter. One of his favorite activities at home is to play school, acting as one of his teachers and searching the house for sticks! Our son will miss his time at this magical playgroup but what he has learned and the connections he made will stay with him.
  • For those still looking for magic. Recommendation for Let's Playgroup forest school

    I wholeheartedly second the recommendation for Let’s Playgroup. Our daughter started last September, after being out of day care for many months due to Covid. Her growth and sheer enjoyment was astounding. Lele is an exceptionally impressive and kind person (as is Peter), and they are clearly thoughtful in choosing their wonderful team. I am so happy she is a role model and inspiration for our daughter. Also, very good Covid protocols.
  • For those still looking for magic. Recommendation for Let's Playgroup forest school

    Lets’s Playgroup and Lele, Peter, Fernanda etc etc have been such lights in our life. We also highly recommend! Our son has only been attending for around 6 months, but we feel so much part of the family. As others have mentioned, playgroup is centered around nature discovery, community building, uninhibited play, and is such a gentle, sweet way to ease the separation. Let’s Playgroup is a gift to the neighborhood, and we can’t imagine our lives without it!
  • For those still looking for magic. Recommendation for Let's Playgroup forest school

    I also recommend Let's Playgroup. My daughter, now 12, attended for two years. She still talks about how much she loved being there, and Lele and Peter are friends for life. No bells and whistles, no promises of "brain development" or "getting ahead." Here, children play with unfettered joy and love--I could not have asked for anything more for my girl.
  • For those still looking for magic. Recommendation for Let's Playgroup forest school

    Dear fellow parents, this is a recommendation for Let's Playgroup in Prospect Park, a nature-based program and forest school for kids 2-3, and 4 years and up. I learned about Let's Playgroup in late 2019 from a fellow Park Slope mother and decided to register my then-2.5 year old for the Spring 2020 session, which started in March 2020. We all know what happened then. C. only had two weeks with the group before it had to close for lockdown. Even then, in those two weeks, Lele and the other kids left an impression and appreciation for nature that persisted through daily Zoom gatherings for those 2-3 months of lockdown. Every morning, Lele read to the kids, ranging in age from 2-6, and guided them through crafts as best she could as we all stayed mostly indoors. She never charged a penny for this type of connection during the worst of times. As soon as playgroup resumed in July, C. (now 4) was back in Prospect Park with Lele, her partner Peter, and their incredible crew of teachers Jerusa, Tonio and Fernanda. With the kids, they build pirate ships and musical instruments. Go sledding in the snow. Gather dinosaur eggs. The teachers always show up for the kids and bring wonder to their day. The nuts & bolts: Let's Playgroup is nature-based learning, creating "toys" from nature. Appreciating the change of seasons. They meet rain or shine, except for dangerously windy or rainy days. Registration just opened up for the Fall season, which begins September 20. The hours are 9–1pm, but they also offer extended hours (additional payment) from 1-3pm. This year, due to kids going back to school, they're also bringing back the 3-5pm afternoon slot for kids 4-years-old and up who want to join after school. Any questions, I'm here! Happy to talk about Lele and this magical group of humans all day.
  • Review from the 2021 Summer Camp Survey

    Name of camp: Let’s playgroup Location: Prospect park How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 3 Review: Best experience possible! Amazing nature camp led by the most loving magical teachers. In short, Let's Playgroup has been the absolute highlight of our son's pandemic, and our year. Lele (who runs the playgroup along with her husband Peter) has such a gift at getting children to open up and connect. She is warm, patient, and just so talented with children. She also runs the playgroup throughout the year, so our son went to fall, spring and summer playgroup. cant recommend enough for anyone looking for their kids to develop a love of nature, an independence and meet like minded kids! What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Nothing! It’s perfect as is
  • Full time jobs and preschool schedules?

    We've also done Let's Playgroup, a wonderful summer group that's imaginative and fully outdoors.
  • Summer Program Recommendations?

    My kids love Let's Playground. Lele and Peter are amazing. They are hoping to have enough interest for an older group as well. You don't have to commit to a full week or even number of weeks.
  • Summer Program Recommendations?

    My toddler goes to Let’s Playgroup, an informal, nature-based, well, playgroup, in Prospect Park. We really love it, and my six-yr-old will be attending camp over the summer as well. I think there are offerings for July and possibly August. You can select the number of days you want to attend. Lele and Peter, the founders, are such special people.
  • Forest School Options in Prospect Park?

    I love Let’s Play playgroup. Lele is an absolute gem - fun, creative, kind, patient and nurturing. My kids always have an amazing time - even during this crazy heat. I cannot say enough good things about the playgroup!
  • preschool / playgroup/ daycare

    Love Let’s Playgroup, which is a nature playgroup in Prospect Park led by an amazing woman named Lele Luiza. My 3-year-old is attending three days a week now and we’ll continue in the fall.
  • ISO: half-day in person camp

    I highly recommend it. Lele is amazing with the kids, a gifted nature and outdoors educator. My son used to go there and he loved it.
  • ISO: half-day in person camp

    Yes! My good friend Lele runs a playgroup during the school year that all four of my kids attended for age 2 and 3. In the summer she and her husband Peter do a playgroup/day camp in Prospect Park. The summer group has a wider variety of ages - I think 3-8 years old. All of my kids have attended the summer play camp as well. The hours are 9-1. Lele is AMAZING with kids. Everything is based in playing with nature. I know that she and her husband are taking extra precautions to have a very safe environment this summer. My younger kids, including my rising kindergartener, will attend and are really looking forward to it. Here is the website with registration information: You can also search for “Ietsplaygroup” on Instagram to see the some great photos of previous sessions.
  • Let's Playgroup

    My 3-year-old loves Let's Playgroup, an outdoor, nature-focused group led by an amazing woman named Lele Luiza, in Prospect Park. The kids are about 3-6 years old, and they spend 4 hours in Prospect Park rain or shine, exploring, singing songs, having picnics, learning about animals and making nature art, from 9am-1pm. At this time, you can choose between 3, 4 or 5 days. Lele has been running the group for many years (at least six) and it seems that most parents who send their kids learn about her through word of mouth. She creates a nurturing and imaginative environment for all the kids in her care. From March–May 2020, during the height of the pandemic, she even took it upon herself to lead morning Zoom meetings so that the kids who wanted to participate could see one another and continue to connect over story time and crafts. She never asked for payment for these meetings, but conducted them every morning, M-F, anyway. Just for the kids. That’s the type of person she is. Typically, each “semester” of Let’s Playgroup lasts a season. However, due to Covid, Lele is trying out two-week sessions this summer until end of August. If it's not obvious, I love Playgroup. Pics on Instagram @letsplaygroup for inspiration.
  • 2019 Summer Camp Review

    Age: 5 Review: We really loved the whole thing. My child attended 3 mornings per week for two weeks. It was very accommodating and flexible but pushed my daughter to explore in a new way.
  • Forest School

    My child has been taking Lele’s let’s playgroup class since she was barely two. Lele, the teacher is fabulous. It is a drop off class and they spend three hours in prospect park. The winter session just finished and will resume in spring.
  • Shoutout for a fantastic nature playgroup in Prospect Park

    I want to give a hearty recommendation to a wonderful nature based playgroup that my son has been attending since the spring. If you're looking for a short day drop-off forest school-style playgroup that gives your child the opportunity for unmitigated joy and free imaginative play, you couldn't find a more fun playgroup than Lele's Let's Playgroup. Drop off and pick up are at the Litchfield villa of Prospect Park, 3rd st and PPW, mornings 9-12, four days a week this fall season. You can do any number of days a week that works for you. Lele is utterly joyful and passionate about play, and has many years of experience delving deeply into the intersections of nature, art and play. This was my son's first experience without his mama and the combination of open play in the dirt in a small group worked out so well for us. Lele is just so special. Her life is devoted to creating safe environments for children to play and investigate nature and the seasons, toys created from sticks and leaves in the forest, imaginative games and explorations. Right now, she is in Turkey working with children in a refugee camp there. She spends several months of every year doing this kind of work. And then she returns to Prospect park to resume the work of elves in the forest, wading and jumping in puddles on rainy days, their eyes shining when we pick them up. We are very lucky to have her. She still has spots available for the fall session. My son is 3.5 and most of the children are 2s and 3s. I feel this would be a perfect complement to a homeschooling environment, or a SAHP looking to broaden things out and get a break for a few mornings a week. I love the fact that the numbers are small and Lele can give them so much individual attention, and the children can interact with each other in particular ways when there are only a few of them. The Fall season begins Oct 2nd. Her website is
  • Shoutout for a fantastic nature playgroup in Prospect Park

    I wholeheartedly second this recommendation! All four of my children have attended Lele’s playgroup and she is simply amazing. I cannot say enough good things about Lele - she has a gift with children that is unmatchable. She has devoted her life to helping children all over the world and we are lucky to get some of her time here in Park Slope.
  • Review Submitted via the 2014-2015 Daycare/ Preschool Survey

    Length of time: 3 days a week, part day Child’s Age: 1-2 years2-3 years3-4 years4-5 years Type of facility: Private, small daycare/playschool experience run out of a person's home with a very small number of childrenThere is little/no parental involvement with the administration or running of the facility. REVIEW: There is one teacher, Lele, who is simply magical. She loves the children, she loves to play, her space is sweet and immaculate and all the children feel at home Would you recommend? Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely