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  • Yoko’s vs Zusin

    One option to consider that our son currently loves is "Les bijoux de Miley".
  • ISO French/bilingual creche/ daycare for infants

    Nos enfants sont allés au Bijoux de Miley et on adore Miley et toute l'équipe! C'est un environnement chaleureux et stimulant et en plus elles préparent de délicieux repas chauds pour le déjeuner. Notre fils aîné a commencé à 10 mois (parce qu'il était sur la liste d'attente, sinon on l'aurait mis là-bas plus tôt) jusqu'à son année de pre-k cette année. Nous recommandons cette crèche sans hésitation.
  • Childcare advice in the area + walking buddy in Carroll Gardens

    Re: daycare, M. started 4 weeks ago at Les Bijoux de Miley on 4th ave and 10th street. It's a French immersion daycare and we love it so far. They provide amazing food, are very warm and loving, and we feel very good about their Covid precautions. I think they may have spots for babies if anyone is interested in raising a tiny bilingual :)
  • 2019-2020 Year Review

    The women who work there are warm and loved by the children and there isn’t too much turnover. The mixed-age group separates for some learning activities but also spends a lot of time together. They have yoga and dance and spend a lot of time in their backyard. … About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Provides meals … What would you change? They had some issues in early 2019 and were being monitored to make sure the kids had proper supervision. I think they are not staffed quite well enough to give individual attention to all the kids especially when behavioral issues come up.
  • [frenchlanguagegroup] Bilingual Daycare

    I just wanted to echo the positive comments. Our son went there with almost no French, and he can do his alphabet, count, and sing (and has a much improved vocabulary) in French. Warm teachers, who send lots of updates in their notebooks. Loved the homemade food. Nathan had been to another, large institutional daycare, and this one offered the same programming in a more intimate setting. Highly recommend.
  • [frenchlanguagegroup] Bilingual Daycare

    I can't say enough good things about Les Bijoux de Miley. My son has gone there for a year and a half. Bijoux is more than a French daycare- it's a bonafide 2s and 3s program. The kids do activities, circle time, cook, have an artist of the month and weekly yoga. Miley is opening a second location in September that takes babies, but also goes up to 4 years old. My son and new baby brother will both be going to the new location at Warren & 4th Ave. Bottom line- this is a quality day care and if you need any more info, let me know. Both locations have just a few spots left that will probably go fast.
  • [frenchlanguagegroup] Bilingual Daycare

    My son has been to les Bijoux de Miley since November 2015. He is starting Pre-K this September and we were sad to say goodbye. I love, LOVE, love this daycare! I couldn't have chosen a better place for my son. They are loving and caring. They have been very flexible with our schedules and open to special requests and feedback. They do yoga, great art projects, they cook with the kids, etc.. At home we mainly use English. Sending him to this daycare hugely improved his French! I highly recommand them! It was the right choice for our family.
  • Daycare Review - Les Bijoux de Miley

    Just wanted to share that my 2 yr old son has been going to Les Bijoux de Miley on a PT basis for a few months and he is thriving from his time there. It is a very clean, well run, happy family-based style daycare that is licensed. He loves the caring owner and staff, the teachers (they have specialty teachers come on a regular basis like yoga), he loves the yummy and healthy food they prepare, he loves the sweet space with the adorable outdoor area, and he loves the other children. And to top it off, they teach in French by native French speakers! If you are looking for a daycare, you owe it to yourself to go pay a visit. And if you're looking for French language - based childcare, there's no question it's an invaluable service and you should run over there.