Leigh Anne O'Connor
Leigh Anne O'Connor


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Reviews (4)

  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? January 2023 Review: Great and necessary! She accurately diagnosed a tongue-tie. We had it fixed with a laser and nursing improved instantly! She was available for texting around appointments. She also recommended CST. It was another excellent call! We saw tongue mobility right away. I am so glad we went with an ILCBC. She got nursing on track so that I can hopefully have a long and successful breastfeeding relationship with my son. She also showed me how to safely co-sleep (if necessary) and encouraged me to get rid of breastfeeding pillows.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    We had a really hard time with the breastfeeding due to a shallow latch and my daughter was not transferring enough milk. It was incredibly stressful so we called LeighAnne and she initially diagnosed a tongue tie, then backed off on it (our daughter could stick her tongue out all the way) and then she later emailed me saying she thought it had to be a tongue tie. I was very distraught and felt like in absence of an obvious problem the default was to get tongue tie correction surgery. She also did not leave us with much instruction as to how to fix our problem long term. Fortunately I later got in contact with Freda Rosenfeld who was amazing and stuck with me until we got things completely sorted out. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling. She was awesome.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    Leigh Anne was recommended to me by my doulas and I met with her before giving birth because I had a breast reduction surgery 10 years ago and wanted to do all that I could to try to make breastfeeding work. She is so knowledgeable, helpful, and definitely had the interest of me and my baby's health and well-being at the forefront of all of her recommendations, versus some sort of "breast is always best" perspective. She is also so kind and motherly, and definitely a very reassuring presence to have guide you through what can be a very stressful experience. Based on July 2017 birthing experience
  • [June2017babies] Lactation Consultant Recommendation

    I recently worked with Leigh Anne O'Connor, who was recommended by my doula. I've been able to increase my supply and significantly reduce the BF pain.