Leah Crane, PsyD - The Family Collaborative
Leah Crane, PsyD - The Family Collaborative


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  • Review from the 2021 Therapist Survey

    During what time span have you seen this therapist? 2014-Current Type of therapist: Psychologist, PsyD What kind of patients does this therapist see? Older Children (pre-teens), Younger Children, Teens, Adults (individual therapy), Families, Adoptive Families If the therapist treats any special kinds of issues or uses specific therapeutic techniques, please list/describe those here. DYADIC DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOTHERAPY (DDP), ACCELERATED EXPERIENTIAL DYNAMIC PSYCHOTHERAPY (AEDP), COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY (CBT), MINDFULNESS BASED THERAPY In-person, Zoom, or telephone therapy? Zoom/Video therapy, In-person therapy, Therapy across state lines Briefly describe the reasons you decided to seek help: Generalized anxiety disorder, Major depressive disorder, Adult diagnosed ADHD Does the therapist take insurance, and if not, how has your experience been with filing claims? Does not accept insurance but automatically generates a "Superbill" at the beginning of every month that I can submit myself to my insurance. Never had a problem with Leah getting me the Superbill and usually just an issue with my insurance communicating with me and getting reimbursed. It's difficult to remember to do all the paperwork, especially as an adult with ADHD. My advice is to figure out the process first, submit one to make sure it get accepted by your insurance, and then have a template that you can fill out every month instead of trying to remember how you filled it out last time. It can get confusing when you have to fill out diagnoses and treatment codes in your. paperwork. Additionally, if you see someone virtually, it is a different code, and if your insurance covers in person they might not cover virtual so always check with insurance before scheduling an appointment so that. you aren't surprised by large charges. Review: My story starts when I was 15. I started to develop depression symptoms after my family moved from one area of the country to another. My family didn't know how to talk about our emotions and I felt very lonely. My first therapist was a very kind older woman who helped me through describing my emotions and communicating thoughts that were intrusive to my everyday thinking. As an adult, I went a few years without therapy as a moved around due to college and jobs. Once settled, I began the search for a new therapist. Through trial and error, I was introduced to Leah who was still pretty new in her career but I felt a kindred-ship with her as she was in a similar stage in her life, newly married and starting a family. She introduced me to mindfulness and helped me to slow down my racing thoughts and destructive self-talk. I discovered later this was from undiagnosed ADHD which caused me to cycle through periods of intense sleepless work and a state of bottomed-out burn out. I am still in the process of untangling a web of how to communicate best with people who don't understand my neurodivergent brain and create a healthy balance of work/life so that I can enjoy time with my partner and children without all the added stress. Leah is a partner in my. healthcare and she has allowed me to change my frame of thinking where I used to think my "failures" were a personal flaw and instead I am beginning to see that I think and work differently and that. I don't fit into the box of 9-5 career people and can have control over my life by charting my own path. Area: Used to be based in Soho but now located in Darien, CT so I see her virtually. Phone number: (203) 697-8399 Email address: Website: