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  • ISO a PCP who spends more than 10 minutes with you (even 20 would be fabulous)

    We use Dr. Janelle Sunwoo at Leaf Medical in DUMBO. I find her annual well visits to be quite thorough!
  • Primary Care Physician Recommendation

    I recommend Dr. Sara Gellis at Leaf Medical. The office is well-run and I've never waited more than 5 minutes. She's also the nicest person. I've never felt rushed.
  • Pediatrician recemmendation

    A vote for Dr. Heath Bettencourtt at Leaf Medical on Smith in Carroll Gardens. He is the only pediatrician in this small practice so you have consistency with him over time. He is very kind and takes all the time you want talking through things, and he emails back almost within the hour. Makes you feel at ease and in great hands!
  • Doctor recommendation at Leaf Medical (other than Sunwoo)

    I've seen Dr. Sarah Gellis once for a physical at the location on Smith street. She was very nice and professional.
  • Pediatrician

    Second for Dr. Bettencourtt at Leaf Medical on Smith Street. We started with Dr. Shaps at Leaf Medical in Dumbo (love, love, love her) but switched to Dr. Bettencourtt when she went on medical leave and he's great too! He's quick to respond to non-emergency questions on email, measured in his advice (not alarmist, which would've stressed me out), and the process at the office is pretty quick. Also the medical staff is great and kind. We drive there but it is right outside of the F/G station on Carroll street as well. They have GP doctors in the practice so I see a Leaf Medical dr. myself too since my son was born.
  • Pediatrician

    We really like Dr Bettencourtt at Leaf Medical on Smith St. It’s a bit of a hike but he was great when our son was born — super supportive when we dealt with residual jaundice, and when my son and I struggled initially with breastfeeding. Very calm; very considered; and incredibly kind to nervous new parents. He’s also very responsive over email. We’re moving further into Ft Greene in a few weeks and will continue to see him.
  • Recommendation for awesome primary care doctor in Brooklyn

    I second the recommendation for Leaf Medical! I see Dr Gross and she is really accessible and takes her time and a Brooklyn mom to two young kids.
  • Recommendation for awesome primary care doctor in Brooklyn

    We strongly recommend Leaf Medical (first doctor we went to that we actually looked forward to in the city) but not sure if they take your insurance.
  • Adult doctors practice?

    I've been pretty happy with the Leaf Medical practice in DUMBO. I see Dr. Sunwoo who I like. They are efficient and it's easy to get appointments. They have a few locations now and I bet you could get good access to someone quickly if you need. Dr. Sunwoo is very responsive on the portal (I wrote her a question late last night and she replied before 10am this morning). They don't charge a fee like ONE medical - may not have as many bells and whistles but feels more like a comprehensive "practice" with a bunch of providers rather than just a sole proprietor type thing, if that's what you're looking for!