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  • Review from the Spring 2024 Early Education Survey

    REVIEW: Our daughter started at Le Paradis des Anges at seven months old and we could not be happier with the care she receives there! She was lukewarm on solid foods at the time but Le Paradis makes incredible, infant-friendly meals, providing breakfast, lunch, and snack. They got her familiar with new textures and flavors, supported her as her self-feeding skills improved, and overall are so flexible, supportive, and skilled. Food is just a tiny part of the equation! We watched our daughter blossom at Le Paradis, mastering new physical and cognitive skills, getting to know other babies, and absolutely adoring all her caregivers. She's so happy there that if she's fussy at home, we just have to sing her the sweet little French songs from their morning and afternoon circle times and she'll immediately smile and clap. Her associations with daycare are all positive thanks to this wonderful place. As non-francophone parents, we've also loved the French immersion element, and can already see it helping her little language skills develop. We looked at a LOT of daycare options and there is something truly magical about Le Paradis. Best of all, we can tell every day that the caregivers love our child, know her temperament, adjust to what she needs, and treat her warmly and lovingly every moment of her day.; Amenities: Provides meals, French language immersion; What would you change? There have been changes in the location due to issues with various landlords and some don't have usable outdoor space yet, but we're hopeful they'll all have access to outdoor play very soon.
  • Review from the Spring 2024 Early Education Survey

    REVIEW: My child has been at this daycare from age 1-3 and has loves it. It’s full french immersion from 8-6pm. The daycare workers are all warm and loving and they cycle through topics and themes throughout the weeks. Kids get meals, outdoor play and naps every day. It’s very conveniently located near a lot of train lines for work access.; Amenities: Has outdoor space, Provides meals;
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: My son has attended le Paradis from when he was 4mo to 2yo. The staff has always been very attentive and communicative. They do plenty of activities, are served fresh and balanced meals and we get many pictures during the day. I highly recommend it! Amenities: Has outdoor space, Provides meals
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: Beyond impressed with our last 18 months at Le Paradis des Anges. Not only is the team caring and supportive of all the children, they offer a variety of educational and social activities for our child that entertains our child day in and day out. I also appreciate that they make all organic meals and that we receive updates all day of his activities and whereabouts. Amenities: Has outdoor space, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Not a thing
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: We absolutely love Les Paradis Des Anges. It is warm and welcoming. Angele, the owner, answered all of our questions and made the decision to attend easy. The caregivers are all lovely and genuinely care about the kids and seem to have boundless energy with them. The communication from the staff is clear and fast, using an app (that also gives consistent updates/photos during the day) or email. They provide breakfast, lunch and a snack. They are happy to share how the day went and ask questions/listen to what's needed for our kid for that day if things come up. There's outdoor space which our son loves. We are not native French speakers, but feel welcomed to the daycare and we're happy our son is learning so much. Drop of 8-9am and pick up 5-6pm. We would definitely recommend Les Paradis. Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has early morning hours, Provides meals
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: This is a pure immersive French program. The director of education and learning programming is absolutely incredible and has developed an incredibly diverse program for the children. They do science experiments, history, art, math, and everything all through a play-based program, with a backyard! My daughter loves the program and the children. I couldn't believe that I found people I trust with my child so much. I couldn't sing their praises enough. They provide all meals and have flexibility for when life happens. These people care so deeply. Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Not a single thing. I look forward to the launch of her commercial space later this year.
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Location: 93 4th Ave. (Park Slope) Type of facility: Daycare Review: Le Paradis de Anges is a French immersion daycare. My son, who is now 2.5, has been going there since he was 9 months old. Meeting the owner, Angele, was such a bright spot of 2020. We were deciding where we would send our 9 month old to full time daycare and Angele put me us ease when we first met her and we knew that Le Paradis des Anges was the perfect fit. The staff is warm and welcoming and provides updates throughout the day in the form of photos, comments, and videos through the BrightWheel app. They eat well at daycare with homemade meals and snacks. The staff does engaging activities with the kids like- art projects, races, workbooks (if old enough), obstacle courses, circle time, lessons around themes/holidays. They have outdoor space and spend a lot of time outside! We are so grateful to have Angele and her staff in our lives and highly recommend sending your child to Le Paradis des Anges. What amenities does the facility have? Has outdoor space, Provides meals
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    We are at Le Paradis des Anges and are very happy with it. Our son started when I went back to work (he was 4 months old) and he is almost 9 months now. They provide (homemade) food for all the babies including the ones under 1 which is rare, and the staff is very communicative.
  • Experience with Le Paradis daycare?

    We've had our daughter there for two months (6 months old currently) and cannot speak highly enough of the care that Angele and the team provides.
  • Le Paradis des Anges recommendations?

    Our daughter is at Paradis des Anges since she’s 4 months (she’s almost 6 months now), and we LOVE it! Angele and all the other ladies are so warm, caring, loving, and gentle. Our baby is so happy to see them in the morning :) Another big positive point for us (which will be more relevant down the line) is that Angele cooks delicious healthy food for the kids, it’s all organic and well balanced (no pizzas, quesadillas, fries and gold fishes like other daycares!). One other thing we love is that they have an app on which they regularly post photos throughout the day, it’s so nice. (I know most daycares have that, but Le Paradis being a small structure, I didn’t think they’d have it). Oh and I forgot to specify, Angele, along with all the caretakers, speak French! It was also important to us that our daughter be in a French speaking environment, and it’s the case at Le Paradis.
  • Le Paradis des Anges feedback/daycare or nanny decision

    My 1.5yr old son is currently enrolled at Le Paradis and we could not be more pleased. I posted a similar note in this group earlier this year - Angele is warm and caring and, though we do not speak French at home, my son is already babbling French phrases. There is currently one English-speaking teacher but I've encouraged Angele to have full French immersion, and she seems receptive to that concept. Language aside, and having attended several daycares with my other son, our experience at Le Paradis has been one of the best. Angele is just ramping up with the littlest ones but I have confidence in her ability to navigate the transition.
  • Le Paradis des Anges

    As our parental leave winded down, we became more and more stressed thinking about daycare options and how we would have to trust complete strangers to watch our only son. Then we met Angele. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to care of our boy than her. She is thoughtful , kind, patient, hard working, and always has our son coming home with something new he learned that day. The space is always clean, full of love, happiness and more than we could ask for. As new parents, we honestly don't know how anyone can get by without an Angele in their life. I know we wouldn't be able to. 5/5 Stars
  • Le Paradis des Anges

    We have been sending our son to Le Paradis des Anges since he was about 9 months old. We were new parents, far away from family, navigating the pandemic, and in need of full-time childcare. We came across the daycare because it was close to our apartment. When we met the owner, Angele, she put our minds at ease. She is very communicative, warm, and loving. She worked with us to mitigate our nerves associated with starting daycare! Our son has learned so much from her in the time he has been there (now he is ~15 months) and always is happy to arrive in the morning. She speaks French to the kids, sings to them, does art projects, and feeds them delicious meals. We couldn't be happier with Le Paradis des Anges and we love Angele and her staff.