Le Meraviglie Art
Le Meraviglie Art


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  • Le Meraviglie Art

    This is a review for Le Meraviglie Art, an art studio for children. Specifically this is a review of Le Meraviglie as a spot for birthday parties. We just hosted a birthday party there for our 5 year old son and the children had SO much fun. The theme was super heroes and Piera, the owner, and her team had the children so engaged in painting super hero portraits on silkscreens. They provided a wonderful space (with games and a cool wall on which markers an be used), art instruction, all the party supplies (we just ordered pizza, cupcakes, and beverages) and made it simple for parents and wonderful for all. It is also a very comfortable space in which parents can hang out. The rate is very reasonable relative to other art studios in Brooklyn. I can't recommend this venue more highly for a birthday party and Piera is so lovely and very passionate in her work with children!