Law and Mediation Office of Helene Bernstein PLLC
Law and Mediation Office of Helene Bernstein PLLC


The Law and Mediation Office of Helene Bernstein is a divorce and family law firm offering services involving mediation, divorce, separation prenuptial,agreements, collaborative divorce, custody, child support, intimate partner violence appellate, enforcement and modification of family court orders and divorce agreements in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Check out our website and our many testimonials at

Reviews (2)

  • Review from the Spring 2022 SDS Survey

    I guess Helene got the job done, kinda. She could hold the room when things got testy between me and my ex and that was appreciated and needed. But ultimately the notes towards the separation agreement that we got from her, after about 8-9 sessions, were so messy and incomplete that it took many thousands more dollars with a lawyer to get them into a sound separation agreement. She also offered to represent either myself or my husband in court as the defendant and my lawyer told me that's a clear conflict of interest: she can't be a neutral mediator and then pivot to representing one of us! So ultimately this is not a ringing endorsement for Helene.
  • ISO mediator

    I think the problem with mediators is that they cant give legal advice. They also havent represented people in court and really dont know how ugly it can get. I would say go with a lawyer who prefers mediation, but will know how to protect you legally, especially if things go south. You will also want someone who has been doing this for a long time. I recommend Helene Bernstein.