Lavender Blues at Two Moon
Lavender Blues at Two Moon


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Reviews (7)

  • December birthday party ideas for 3 YO?

    We love Lavender Blues, which is a music studio in Bed Stuy. I know Miss Alex is starting to do birthday parties at the studio and her space is so lovely. Here's the link to check it out:
  • Baby Music Class Outside?

    Lavender Blues has awesome classes and is doing outdoors. You can pay per class if you aren’t sure you want a full series yet. The classes are so fun and engaging and have a very inclusive curriculum.
  • Music Classes

    Hopalong Andrew and Lavender Blues are both great for drop ins throughout the week.
  • Musician for first birthday

    We hired Lavender Blues for our daugther's first birthday and she was amazing. So much energy and she kept all the kids engaged though we had a range of ages.
  • Fun classes for babies?

    I’m a huge fan of Lavender Blues, a music class in multiple locales around Brooklyn.
  • 2018 Review

    We loved Lavender Blues for my daughter's birthday. She's so engaging and energetic!
  • Shout out - Lavender Blues

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Alex aka Lavender Blues. She does sing-a-longs for toddlers and babies and my 2yo daughter is a HUGE fan. Alex is engaging and enthusiastic and knows how to keep her littlest and biggest fans attention. Alex said she spent some time in the UK and brings some different songs into the mix which is nice for parents and caregivers, too. Sing-a-longs end with bubbles and the kids go crazy. What could be better? I'm not affiliated with Lavender Blues in any way, but my daughter loves seeing Alex and I would like to see her do well and wanted to help spread the word.