Lauren - Sleep Tight Brooklyn
Lauren - Sleep Tight Brooklyn


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Reviews (3)

  • Sleep consultant

    Check out Lauren at Sleep Tight Brooklyn. She is a local mama of 2 under 2 and helped my baby sleep uninterrupted through the night! She also was calm, gentle and incredibly hands on with all my many questions! I can’t recommend her enough!
  • Toddler sleep coach or behavior coach?

    On the recommendation of another PSP parent, we used Linda at Sleep Tight Consultants both to sleep train our son as a baby and to help with some sleep issues that cropped up when he hit toddlerhood/illnesses after starting daycare caused disruptions. She's very practical, which we really appreciated.
  • Toddler sleep coach or behavior coach?

    I highly recommend Lauren at She is a mama of two in Park Slope and is a certified sleep consultant so she just gets it ? She helped me through a tough transition and has a wealth of knowledge to support adjustments!