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Reviews (11)

  • Review from the Spring 2024 Early Education Survey

    REVIEW: Fantastic in-home daycare. Michelle, who founded and runs the place, is knowledgeable and caring. Our kids love the meals (home cooking, including lots of vegetables; my sense is lots of tasty curries) and that they have known caregivers the entire 3+ years that they are there. Backyard with decent toys. Loving environment; minimal kicking/hurting. Mixed age!; Amenities: Has outdoor space, Provides meals; What would you change? I wish the staff earned more money.
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: The program is a small daycare for 12 children with three teachers in the first floor of a brownstone. Their hours are 8am - 6pm. They have a private backyard area for outdoor play. My favorite part was the homemade mostly-vegetarian lunches that are included. My child definitely experienced new foods and flavors and maybe the peer pressure got him to eat foods he wouldn't want to try at home. Most days my child ran inside and clearly enjoyed himself. My child made great friends, learned so many words so quickly, and enjoyed the creative art projects that the teachers led them through. The less-positive things were that the owner kicked out a classmate of my child this year in a very abrupt and upsetting manner. Also, aside from photos posted on a private Instagram page, we did not get a lot of information from the daycare about our child each day aside from "he had a good day." Amenities: Has outdoor space, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? A little more communication and transparency.
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Location: Prospect Pl and New York Ave Type of facility: Daycare Review: It’s a small home daycare with 12 children age 6 months to 3 years old. The kids seem to have a great time. They have a backyard area where they use scooters and bikes and play, and they do a lot of activities designed to improve fine motor skills. They color or paint often, build structures, and best of all, they provide healthy, mostly vegetarian breakfast, lunch and snack. I like the women who work there and my son goes in each morning happily. What amenities does the facility have? Has outdoor space, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything? It would be nice to get more regular communication. Usually they just say “he had a good day” unless I ask for more. Is there anything you would like to add about how the school is handling the pandemic? They have cheek swab PCRs on Monday mornings. The providers and children don’t wear masks but the providers were vaccinated before my son started there.
  • Review from the 2019–2020 Daycare, Preschool, Pre-K, and K Survey

    Review: Montessori daycare that is home-based. My daughter has been there for a little over one year and absolutely loves it. I would highly recommend. The staff is caring, the kids are mixed ages so the little kids learn from the big kids. Can’t say enough good things about LP. Amenities offered: Has outdoor space, Provides meals, Montessori What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? More photos! I would hire a social media manager to run LP Instagram page and update it daily :)
  • Daycares in the neighborhood

    Our son S. (now 12 months) has been at Lauren's Place at the Prospect Place location since he was ~6 months old and we've been super happy with his development and how loving his daycare teachers are!
  • Daycares in the neighborhood

    I'll add another thumbs up for Lauren's Place - our older son went there and now our almost two year old is there. I think it says so much that so many of the little ones that are there now have older siblings that are LP grads! Apparently us parents just can't get enough!
  • Daycares in the neighborhood

    Another enthusiastic endorsement for Lauren's Place! We have 3 kids and they've all spent their early years in Michelle's incredibly competent and loving care. Our 3rd is there now and we are so grateful for their steady support throughout this crazy time. Happy to talk more if anyone has questions!
  • Daycares in the neighborhood

    I don’t think anybody has mentioned Lauren’s Place yet but we are huge fans. It’s on St Marks in between Rogers and Nostrand so a great option for people further into Crown Heights. It’s small so can be tough to get a spot. Michelle, the owner, lives upstairs with her family and has the daycare in a separate ground floor unit with a backyard. I have three kids, one was there for 2 and 1/2 years, one is there currently and the youngest will start this summer. I remember touring daycares when I was pregnant with my first and I got such a warm and loving feeling at Lauren’s Place - I enrolled my oldest son four years ago and haven’t looked back since. Bonus - she provides breakfast, lunch and snack! And somehow she gets my kids to eat vegetables.
  • Lauren's Place Daycare

    "Shoutout to Lauren's Place Daycare in Crown Heights. Our daughter has been attending for over 1 year, since she was 6 months old, and we love it. The staff is kind and super caring with the kids. Its a small brownstone daycare setting, there's 3 teachers that have been there forever so I feel like they've really developed a bond with my child. Some of the things that I love: Mixed ages - all the kids are mixed together so the little kids learn from the big kids. And the big kids teach the little kids. Activities - so many good, educational activities happen! They do counting, colors, pouring activities, and art. Montessori - we didn't know too much about montessori before, but LP follows a Montessori methodology which is awesome. Outside play - they have a great enclosed backyard space for the kids to run around and play. "
  • 2014 Daycare/Preschool PSP review

    Length of Time: 5 days/week Child's Age: 1-2 years Review: We have had an amazing experience at Lauren's Place and I highly recommend this daycare. The philosophy is Montessori-based, and the teachers are trained in the Montessori method of education. The teachers are very engaged and have planned out activities each day of the week (art, music, science, outdoor play, Montessori activities, etc...). My child has done so well here--we attended a parent-teacher conference earlier this year during which the teachers showed us all the activities my child does everyday. We were given confirmation that she is developing incredibly well, and we have witnessed it at home. Her vocabulary and social skills are increasing daily, and she absolutely loves going! The daycare also provides 2 healthy meals a day, plus a snack. Recommend (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely
  • 2014 Daycare/Preschool PSP review

    Program: Length of Time: 3 days a week Child's Age: 2-3 years Review: Really like the Montessori-inspired activities, monthly newsletters with curriculum updates, multiage classroom, the teachers are great. All meals and snacks are provided and it's wonderful, high quality homemade food (including organic milk). When I was pumping the bottles always came home washed - this was a huge timesaver for me. Recommend (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely