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Reviews (35)

  • ISO: attorney recommendations for setting up wills & trusts

    We use Laura Fischer. She has a package for this and it was a fairly quick process to get everything set up. She and her office have been quick to help us address changes to our circumstances as well.
  • ISO: estate attorney rec

    I can't recommend Laura Fischer and her firm highly enough. We found her through PSP recommendations and couldn't be happier we worked with her. She is clear, thorough, responsive, and efficient (but not cold!). She has a few different flat rate packages depending on how complex your estate planning needs are and I thought they were fairly priced--and she never tried to upsell us on strategies our family didn't need. She has offices both in Clinton Hill and lower Manhattan. Estate planning is not fun but she made it as painless as possible.
  • Lawyer recs for will and estate documentation drafting

    As a lawyer, I almost went the I can just do this myself route. After a little research it became clear it wasn’t best to do so yourself. Additionally, we found the conversation we had with our lawyer incredibly helpful in structuring the estate appropriately which would only come from someone with experience in the area. Laura Fischer was incredibly helpful, precise, and clear in her discussions with us. We were extremely pleased and well informed coming out of that very painless process with her.
  • Lawyer recs for will and estate documentation drafting

    Laura Fisher is the best!
  • Lawyer recs for will and estate documentation drafting

    Happy with Laura Fischer in Clinton Hill.
  • Life Insurance and Wills

    Recommended without full review
  • ISO lawyer for trust / will

    I had a good experience with Laura Fischer.
  • ISO: lawyer for help with wills, power of attorney, etc

    I second Laura Fischer. She can also set up a trust.
  • ISO: lawyer for help with wills, power of attorney, etc

    I’d like to second Laura Fischer.
  • ISO: lawyer for help with wills, power of attorney, etc

    Laura Fischer is great.
  • ISO Reasonably Priced Attorney to Draft Will

    Also just used Laura Fischer to draft our partner and I’d wills, POAs, healthcare proxies, standby guardianships and trusts She has different pricing tiers depending on what you want to accomplish. We chose her because she was really willing and patient to answer all of our questions as people who have never undergone this process before.
  • ISO Reasonably Priced Attorney to Draft Will

    We used Laura Fischer, who we found through a PSP webinar, and loved her. We found her warm, accessible, practical, and great about keeping the process moving while being patient with us. She's a fellow Brooklyn mom and was able to speak to some of our concerns from her own experience.
  • life admin question - writing a will

    We used Laura Fischer because she was among the top rated on PSP, and loved her!! She’s incredibly kind, patient, professional, and thorough.
  • Lawyer for Estate Planning / Will

    We just did this! We used Laura Fischer, who was highly recommended on PSP. Cost was about $2K.
  • ISO~ in need of a estate attorney to draw up a will & financial adviser

    I second the recommendation for Laura Fischer, we had a great experience working with her.
  • iso will / estate planning lawyer

    We just got our wills done with Laura Fischer and while the subject matter is not delightful, she absolutely was! Fully remote and a pleasure to work with. I found her through the PSP reviews. Highly recommend.
  • ISO lawyer for will and estate planning

    I highly recommend Laura Fischer ( My husband and I worked with her earlier this year before the pandemic hit, and she was terrific.
  • Recommendations for an estate attorney

    My husband and I did our planning with Laura Fischer and she is wonderful to work with. She has an office in Clinton Hill as well as Manhattan.
  • Lawyer who does wills?

    Laura Fischer is THE BEST!!! Whoever thought it would be possible to enjoy the process of getting wills set up?
  • Lawyer who does wills?

    both we and our sister-in-law used Laura Fischer at She has an office in Bed-Stuy a short train ride away, was extremely thorough in her explanations, and the docs involved were pretty simple - a will and health care proxy. The total fee was approx $1150.
  • Family lawyer

    I also had a great experience with Laura Fischer. She was great the whole step of the way and also connected us to a good financial planner.
  • Family lawyer

    We used and were really happy with Laura Fischer, who we found on PSP. She has offices in Ft. Greene and in lower Manhattan.
  • Attorney for Trust/Will?

    Laura Fischer is THE BEST! I loved working with her - she made the process so easy and actually made us feel good about something that otherwise felt so scary to think about.
  • Attorney Recommendation?

    For a civil separation I'd wholeheartedly recommend Laura Fischer out of Ft Green. I think she also works out of a downtown manhattan office some days, too. She's a mediating attorney that could help save a lot of $$$ in the long run if you're both open to speaking with her. We met with her to draft a separation agreement that we didn't file with the courts. We would have gotten to that place, though we reconciled before we needed to do so.
  • Lawyer Recs

    I used Laura Fischer to settle my fathers estate. She was recommended by someone on PSP and I thought she was great. I plan to use her to reduce/revise my li plan to use her to reduce/revise my will. She has offices in Clinton Hill and Downtown.
  • Lawyer to create a will?

    I second the recommendation for Laura Fischer Law. She did our wills for a reasonable price, was very knowledgeable and answered our (many, many) questions. She is also just a very nice person.
  • Lawyer to create a will?

    Highly recommend Laura Fischer Law! She is a local mom and truly amazing at what she does! She has appointments in Brooklyn too :)
  • 2018 Review

    Highly recommend Laura Fischer! She’s amazing to work with and a local mom!
  • Re: Will attorney

    I highly recommend Laura Fischer. We absolutely loved working with her. She made everything very easy, and her fee is also very reasonable. She's a Brooklyn mom too and really gets the emotional aspect of thinking of all the things that go into writing a will. We spoke with two other attorneys before deciding to go with Laura (both men), and neither one had the empathy bone that she has. (One also had an outrageous fee.) We found her through a recommendation from a neighborhood acquaintance and are so happy we did. Note that she has offices in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, which makes meeting with her very convenient. Good luck!
  • ISO: Attorney to assist with a Will

    We would recommend Laura Fischer, info below. We found her on the PSP recommendations page and she has been amazing. She makes house calls and has an office in lower Manhattan. Really personable and smart. She truly put us at ease.
  • ISO recs for lawyer for will

    We also used Laura Fischer and had a positive experience. Loved that she did home visits. She is also a PS mom.
  • ISO recs for lawyer for will

    Laura Fischer is great. Highly recommend. She will come to your place or you can go to her office in Manhattan.
  • Re: attorney for will??

    Through PSP I found Laura Fischer She is great, she operates both in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and has a family herself. The biggest perk was that she can do house visits on weekends, if you are unable to come to her office Highly recommend her!
  • Re: Legal Will

    We are also in the process of getting our act together and making a will. We are working with Laura Fischer, who has been great at explaining the decisions we need to make, is very responsive, has a flexible schedule and is willing to meet with clients at their house - which was way more convenient for us since we waited until after the baby came to embark on this project.
  • (no subject)

    We went with Laura Fischer from Brooklyn and had an outstanding experience. Highlights: In my research, Laura was less expensive than many options, yet provided a comprehensive service that included wills, health care proxy, etc. She was extremely kind and patient with my many questions and general lack of knowledge; she was up-to-date with the ever-changing laws and options, fully accessible and went to Duke Law if that sort of thing matters to you. Truly an excellent experience with something that we were behind on and dreading.