Larisa Litvinova, MD
Larisa Litvinova, MD


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Reviews (25)

  • ISO: Primary Care Doctor

    I really like Dr. Larisa Litvinova, near Grand Army Plaza
  • Adult Primary Care Doctor recommendation?

    Dr. Litvinova is excellent. The management of her practice is not as excellent but if you get the hang of her patient portal, its worth it.
  • Primary Care

    Larissa Litvinova is great.
  • GP recommendations?

    My husband and I both like Dr. Larissa Litvinova near GAP. She has been thorough and open to our alternative/holistic medicine approach. Only seen her a few times but always walked out feeling good.
  • [January2017babies] Primary Care Doctor

    I really like Dr. Larisa Livanova. She has an office right near GAP on 8th Ave. (review submitted May 2017)
  • [ANONYMOUS] PCP who takes Aetna and supports home birth plan?

    Maybe Dr. Larisa Litvinova on 8th Ave and Lincoln. I don't know if she takes your insurance. You'll have to call and find out. But she supported my homebirth plan.
  • GHI obgyn recommendations

    I have gone only once so far to an internist who was recommended on this listserv, Larisa Litvinova. She seemed fine but I haven’t yet had enough experience with her to rave about her. She’s near Flatbush on 8th Ave.
  • Re: ISO Holistically oriented M.D or (sane) Naturopath

    Dr. Larisa Litvinova meets all of these requirements! She is very thorough and skilled in Western medicine, but also trained in homeopathy. And she takes most all insurances. She is in the North Slope, on 8th Avenue. I highly recommend her.
  • Dr. Litvinova takes many insurances

    I would like to clarify as well. I just called their office. Dr Litvinova takes: Aetna Cigna Empire Oxford Blue Cross Blue Shield Fidelis And she's fantastic. She takes her time with you, is extremely knowledgeable and kind, and her office is great. No long wait times.
  • Re: Dr Litvinova

    Just wanted to clarify that Fidelis isn't the only insurance that she takes. I know she takes our current insurance (Oxford) and our upcoming insurance (Aetna). So, I'd check on insurance.
  • Re: Dr Litvinova

    I also recommend this doctor, she's wonderful. Unfortunately her policy has changed and the only insurance her office now takes is Fidelis, which means we can no longer see her.
  • Re: Dr Litvinova

    Just wanted to add that Dr. Litvinova takes Aetna - So best to check with her about what insurance she takes. I am a new patient and just went to her for the first time last week. She's great! My husband had GHI and she took that too when he last went to her last year.
  • Anyone use Dr. Larisa Litvinova??

    YES!!!! Dr. L is wonderful! I initially got her name from the PSP list when I was looking for a physician close by, so I tried her out. That was several years ago, and my husband and I still go to her. We feel very well-cared for by her. She is a good clinician; checks everything from glaucoma to breasts to hearing to heart rate, asks if I exercise and eat vegetables. Does blood work every time; her staff later calls with recommendations based on the results (specific supplements needed, blood sugar levels etc). Her office is friendly and well-run (hardly any wait time at all to see her… but I always book early morning appts). She smiles! She asks how my daughter is doing (she allowed my then 7-year-old to be in the room with me). The only thing is that she has an accent (Russian) which requires my paying a bit of extra attention, not a bad thing when at the doctor’s! Overall I highly, highly recommend her. Good luck!
  • Anyone use Dr. Larisa Litvinova??

    Both my husband and I have been going to Dr Litvinova for about 2 years now and we love her. She's the best internal medicine doctor I've had since I came to New York in "92. She takes the time to listen and she doesn't prescribe antibiotics on a hunch but is very smart about it. And, she has always referred me to great specialists to boot. Highly recommend.
  • Anyone use Dr. Larisa Litvinova??

    I highly recommend her. Easy to get an appointment, always on time, very knowledgeable about homeopathy, excellent bedside manner.
  • Re: ISO excellent physician in Brooklyn

    I got my physician, Dr. Larisa Litvinova, from the PSP recs and I love her! I don't have to wait a long time to be admitted for my appointment. She takes a lot of time with me. She has gotten to know me as a whole person. She even allowed my daughter to be in the examination room with me, and she was wonderful to her (she happens to have a daughter the same age, 10). On Dr. L's wall you will see a framed award, something like "people's favorite doctor" and it's easy to see why. She's warm and caring, as well as being an excellent clinician. I highly recommend her. (September 2014)
  • Re: Need rec. for a primary care physician around Park Slope

    Dr. Larisa Litvinova on 8th Ave is great. Highly recommend her. She's thorough, takes time with her patients, and doesn't over prescribe antibiotics.
  • Thanks - Primary Care Physician Recommendations

    I see Dr. Larisa Litvinova. I like her a lot. She is very attentive and caring, takes her time with you and is open to alternative therapies, instead of immediately jumping to medication (although she will prescribe that as well). She has also given me excellent referrals to specialists. Her office is near Grand Army Plaza. I don't know if she takes BCBS but her office should be able to tell you.
  • Back ISO: Local GP recommendation

    I like Dr. Litvinova (she's on 8th ave and Lincoln place). Very responsive and also can offer homeopathic alternatives.
  • ISO: Holistic Minded Primary Care Physician

    Dr. Litvinova is both an MD and Homeopath. On 8th Avenue just south of Flatbush. I really like her and I'm picky. She takes Cigna.
  • review

    recommended without full review March 2013
  • doctor recommendation

    I second the recommendation for Dr. Litvinova. We love her!
  • doctor recommendation

    We have been going to Larisa Litvinova for years and we have been very happy with her. She is very attentive doctor and helped us in a lot of occasions. She is also very knowledgeable of homeopathic medicine. She is at 20 8th ave (bts St. Johns and Lincoln)
  • (no subject)

    Recommended. (Recommended, October 2010).
  • (no subject)

    I highly recommend Dr. Larisa Litvinova (Recommended October, 2010).