Lapietra - Patsy Messina
Lapietra - Patsy Messina



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Reviews (4)

  • Brick brownstone repair company

    I used a company 7 years ago to repoint bricks (a 50-year job, luckily) - Lapietra contracting, Patsy Messina, they are good with indoor/outdoor projects and have done sidewalk repair for some neighbors, ages ago. They are competent, and their prices are fair - sometimes higher and sometimes lower but they are honest, competent and good at communicating (or, were in 2013). (the repointing job - we have an attached house but the house next door is much shorter than ours, so there are bricks that needed repointing between the house heights, essentially in a blind spot for us so it's lucky someone thought of it.)
  • ISO: contractor for stone work on our sidewalk

    I used Patsy Messina/Lapietra Contracting 5 years ago for masonry, brick work, painting steel and some indoor/outdoor work (converting a window to a door) and was very pleased.
  • ISO Roofer

    We used lapietra (718) 439-1919 for replacing coping stones on our roof a month or so ago and I bet they could do cornices.
  • Reviews of/referrals to contractors - Home Renovation (summary)

    exterior contractor but they do interior as well, we hired them to take over our exterior work when another contractor became untenable to work with and they did a good job, hired a reputable painting subcontractor.