• Park Slope
    456 5th Ave 2nd Fl, Brooklyn 11215


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Reviews (4)

  • lab work

    We did it at Lab Corps on 5th ave. The lab technicians were great despite my nerves being on high due to Covid. Lots of Purell everywhere.
  • Experience at LabCorp on 5th ave?

    I went Just yesterday for bloodwork. I made the earliest appointment they had when I looked online, at 8:45, though it didn’t seem to make the wait shorter. The check-in was through a tablet and went quickly. They did provide wipes for the kiosk screen. They had the seats marked off so only every other one was to be used (thoughtful but not particularly effective since the signs were on the wall and not on the actual seat and even then didn’t provide 6 fee of distance). They offered an option at check in to wait off premises and receive a text message or call when they were ready for you. There was only one other person in the waiting room when I got there and I did have that appointment so I chose to wait there thinking I’d be in and out quickly but was then surprised when I waited for about 20 minutes before being seen. Also despite have my doctor’s order in their system they still had to call me up to the desk to complete check-in and then had me wait another couple minutes again before calling me back, so I am not sure how the off premises wait option would have worked anyway. The staff were wearing masks the entire time at least. All in all it was a so-so experience but it seems like the best option in the neighborhood since Quest on 13th St is closed for the rest of the month at least.
  • Experience at LabCorp on 5th ave?

    I went there for a glucose tolerance test on Thurs, 4/30 and none of the three staff members behind the front desk where wearing masks or gloves. There were two other people in the waiting area and no social distancing protocols were in place. Then the staff asked me to drink the glucose solution in the waiting area, which meant I had to remove my own mask in a tight space. When I came back an hour later for the blood draw, the staff had put on masks but the person checking people in had it pulled down under her nose. I actually felt really unsafe, especially because I'm pregnant. Additionally, my midwife practice still has not received the results of the test from them and it's been almost two weeks. I would not recommend them at all.
  • Experience at LabCorp on 5th ave?

    I went there on Friday April 24th for routine bloodwork. I had booked an appointment online and checked in using a tablet in the waiting area (they provided disinfecting wipes). I felt safe all the way. The nurse kept her distance when it was possible. There was only one other patient there when I arrived and another one came in after he left. They only served one person at a time.