La Leche League
La Leche League


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Reviews (3)

  • OB/Gyn/Lactation Consultants/Peds knowledgeable about low milk supply

    Not an OB or lactation consultant rec but just wanted to mention that I found La Leche League to be very supportive and knowledgeable. Steph is one of the leaders for the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace group and was so wonderful when I was dealing with a lot of breastfeeding issues early on. You can find her info here:
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    The local La Leche League group (for Park Slope/Windsor Terrace) was enormously helpful! I attended only one time but texted with Anne frequently, and she always responded within a couple hours (if not immediately) with helpful advice and encouragement.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    Also went to an extremely helpful Le Leche League meeting and definitely plan to go back. I would encourage anyone with breastfeeding issues or questions or curiosity to go. Based on a May 2017 experience