KZ Farm
KZ Farm


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  • Shout Out to KZ Farm Grass Fed beef delivery to Brooklyn from the Adirondacks

    Wanted to let people know about an awesome, tiny family farm in the Adirondacks that delivers to Brooklyn. Their beef is 100% grass fed and very delicious. They deliver to your home in Brooklyn, which is kind of amazing. (Next delivery is scheduled for this Wednesday October 23 / order deadline is Monday the 21st at 8PM.) Really good pastured chicken and pork is also available for delivery (from neighboring Full and By Farm.) Neither of these is certified organic I don't think but their practices from what I can tell are beyond organic. I have no affiliation with them. I was introduced to them through my brother (who's also a farmer in the Adirondacks) and think their beef is super good and that they are nice people, too. Check out to order online or email for more info. Here's a link to their latest newsletter: