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Klean Freaks


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Reviews (3)

  • Re: ISO Professional Cleaning Service

    I just hired Klean Freaks 9179820156 for my move-in/move-out cleaning this week and they were exceptional - and so pleasant to work with too. (Reviewed April 2015)
  • Re: Cleaning Service Recommendation

    I second this [see review below] recommendation for Klean Freaks. Based solely on this post, I hired Klean Freaks to clean my apartment yesterday. The owner, Antonio, just started the business a few weeks ago and is extremely eager to please. I was feeling a profound sense of shame and despair over the squalid conditions in my home (the stall shower was particularly unspeakable). Antonio was friendly and non-judgmental, and scoured that grime with determination. He literally spent about an hour on each bathroom. And, as Annie said, he gave us a 20% discount and left a lovely candle and stickers on the toilet paper. I will definitely hire them again.
  • Cleaning Service Recommendation

    We just used a cleaning service (Klean Freaks and were incredibly impressed by their attention to detail. Not only did they manage to make sparkle areas no cleaner has touched before (e.g., grout between the shower tiles, etc.), they even left a candle and folded our toilet paper just so sealed with a sticker (you've got to see it to believe it) as finishing touches. We are incredibly picky and never like cleaners so I feel like we have to spread the word. Their rates are fairly reasonable they offer a 20% discount to first timers. No relation btw, just a happy customer!