Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit, MA, RYT - Mama Mosaic Yoga & Birth
Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit, MA, RYT - Mama Mosaic Yoga & Birth


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  • Childbirth Class Review

    My husband and I met with several doulas in preparation for the birth of our first child, and ultimately decided against hiring a doula for the actual birth, but were feeling like the hospital childbirth course we took just wasn't enough. We got a recommendation through another PSP first time mom that took a private class with Kim that she felt was really helpful. Kim was awesome! She came to our house for a 2 hour class and talked with us about our concerns and questions, then walked us through a meditation exercise (she is also a yoga instructor) that helped us relax and connect with each other. She reviewed breathing techniques and different pain management techniques with us, all the while emphasizing our connection to each other and the importance of staying connected through the birthing experience. She gave us some awesome tips for making the hospital setting feel more like home and empowering me to feel strong and powerful throughout the birthing experience, instead of a patient at the hospital. In the end I had to have a Cesarean at 41 weeks and 3 days due to a prior surgery and concerns about giving me pitocin but that was only after having prodromal labor for almost an entire week and laboring for 16 hours without any pain meds so we used many of the techniques that Kim taught us! I really feel like Kim helped us have a positive birth experience despite things not going as planned (as if they ever do!) We can't recommend her enough!