Kids Town Play Space
Kids Town Play Space



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Reviews (3)

  • ISO: Indoor playground recommendation

    Kids town is on 6th street and 4th ave is fantastic. My 2.5 yo spends hours playing there and always finding new things to do. They also have music and art classes if interested. Two very sweet sisters run the space and they are incredibly rigorous with cleaning and safety standards - sessions are limited to a certain number of kids so you need to reserve online in advance during busy times. Website is
  • Winter, Covid, Indoor Playspaces, Podding and More

    We went to a new playspace on 4th Ave/6th St a couple weekends ago - across the street from the closed Gymboree. Kids Town. They had a great setup (soft blocks, slides, role-playing activities), but I wasn't filled with confidence about their safety measures. A fellow parent was maskless the entire time we were there but no one said anything (including me). Their very nice staff person went around a couple of times spraying something (aerosol) in the general direction of the toys - not sure what. They state they have medical-grade filters in their HVAC system - hopefully that's true. Their website states they have a max limit of 8 kids, but when I called to check how busy they were (rainy day), they told me their max is 15 kids. Which with one parent would be very crowded. There were only 4-5 other kids there when we went. I rather doubt they would get up to 15 these days. My three-year-old had a great time.
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