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  • after school programs fro Ps 282 feedback

    My son is currently in preK and goes to Kids Orbit, which is on site. He loves it. Pre K kids are separated into their own group. They have all kinds of specialty teachers like yoga, music, games. The day to day staff is super nice and are great with the kids. My son goes every day but I think they have flexible options. Two thumbs up.
  • After school programs

    My son is also starting Kindergarten at PS 133 and I'm enrolling him in Kids Orbit. I have a daughter going into 3rd grade there and she did Kids Orbit in the school pre-pandemic, as well as their outdoor after school this last year, and has always really loved it. They split the time between some homework time (a small amount of which does get assigned in DLP kindergarten) and a variety of arts and sports. Beyond the programming, another thing I really like about Kids Orbit how it has given my daughter an opportunity to interact with kids outside the French DLP program. While 133 is a fairly diverse school, the French program unfortunately is much less so. I'm not sure how exactly they will end up grouping the kids for indoor activities with Covid restrictions, but in the past at least this has been a big plus.