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Reviews (10)

  • Review from the Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Afterschool Survey

    REVIEW: My daughter loved it. They are engaging. It is fun and a great way for her to decompress after a long day at school. Age of child: 1st Grade
  • Review from the Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Afterschool Survey

    REVIEW: Overall, a good experience! Our son was very well cared-for at this program. I DO wish they had more concrete activities (i.e. yoga, dance, etc) Age of child: 5
  • Review from the Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Afterschool Survey

    REVIEW: It’s a general program and the counselors and nice and get to know the kids. They break up the day into 3 segments. My child learned to play chess which was a surprise. Its a big group and may not be for everyone but we have had a good experience. Skills learned: Friendship What would you change? Maybe more varied activities. My kid would like more crafts. Age of child: 4-6
  • Review from the Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Afterschool Survey

    Review: Our child really like Kids Orbit - the staff was young but super friendly and professional
  • KIds Orbit - PS 133

    [My daughter] was there last year for pre-K and went to Kids Orbit. For her it was a great program. There are tons of different activities, but I wouldn't say there is specific focus on any one thing (if you're looking for her to build up skills). It's more broad. They usually break up the time into 3 sections and do different things for each block of time. It could be anything from outdoor playground time, dance, crafts, story time, games, sports in the indoor gym, etc. Every day it's different. One great thing about it is that it's with other kids from PS133, so she has more time to spend with her friends from her class, and also a chance to meet kids in other classes.
  • Kid's Orbit afterschool feedback !

    My kid went to Kids Orbit last year for PreK at PS133. She had a great time there. They do lots of fun activities and it was also a great way for her to meet other kids in her school that weren't in her class. They grouped all the Prek and Kindergarten kids together, and she made friends with a bunch of them. They break the time up into 3 segments each day. One of the segments was usually the playground. The other 2 segments were things like art projects, story time, Dungeons and Dragons (that one was unexpected for me!), drumming, dance, etc. It's run by the same people that run Prospect Park Day Camp.
  • Afterschool at PS133

    My Pre-K kid goes to Kids Orbit. University Settlement isn't an option for Pre-K kids, so I don't have any experience with it. It's free, which is amazing. Kids Orbit is not free, but it seems super fun. They split the hours up into 3 blocks of time and do different activities every day. The PreK and Kindergarten kids are together. One block of time is usually the playground. The others can be anything from dance, story time, art, drums, music, game shows, etc. One time it said D&D on the chart. I asked what it was, and the teacher said Dungeons and Dragons! So there really is a big variety of activities. I've been very happy with it, and sometimes she complains I picked her up too early.
  • Recommendation - Kids Orbit versus Beansprouts for Kindergartener at PS 321?

    We started at Beansprouts last year and then moved over to Kids Orbit. They are very similar and our boys enjoyed both. I would say a minor advantage of Beansprouts is they offer mini camps on days off. Whereas a minor advantage of Kids Orbit is all of the kids are 321, so it’s easier to make new friend connections with kids they’ll likely see often over the years. Plus the kids don’t have to trudge through any bad weather, and it’s a bit cheaper. At the end of the day, for us, it was just about location. PS 321 is far closer than Beansprouts to our apartment, so they won our.
  • after school programs fro Ps 282 feedback

    My son is currently in preK and goes to Kids Orbit, which is on site. He loves it. Pre K kids are separated into their own group. They have all kinds of specialty teachers like yoga, music, games. The day to day staff is super nice and are great with the kids. My son goes every day but I think they have flexible options. Two thumbs up.
  • After school programs

    My son is also starting Kindergarten at PS 133 and I'm enrolling him in Kids Orbit. I have a daughter going into 3rd grade there and she did Kids Orbit in the school pre-pandemic, as well as their outdoor after school this last year, and has always really loved it. They split the time between some homework time (a small amount of which does get assigned in DLP kindergarten) and a variety of arts and sports. Beyond the programming, another thing I really like about Kids Orbit how it has given my daughter an opportunity to interact with kids outside the French DLP program. While 133 is a fairly diverse school, the French program unfortunately is much less so. I'm not sure how exactly they will end up grouping the kids for indoor activities with Covid restrictions, but in the past at least this has been a big plus.