Keene Murray Therapy
Keene Murray Therapy


Keene Murray Therapy provides creative and traditional assessment and therapy for people experiencing crisis,
transition, grief, loss, relational/marital problems, and difficulty with adjustment as well as those in need of trauma
counseling. Our clients are all ages. We work with the very young and the very old.

Gretta Keene, LCSW and Bill Murray, PhD, Park Slope therapists, are seasoned clinicians

who provide a nonjudgmental, empathic, engaged relationship for each client. Their work is shaped by extensive

backgrounds in a variety of psychological approaches and their immersion in the arts.

Reviews (7)

  • Review Submitted May 2024

    Greta and Bill see couples as a couple which is incredibly helpful. They are mostly (all?) virtual but that's worked well for us. We find them a great sounding board and support.
  • Couples therapist for interracial couple

    After placing counseling low on our priority list for much too long, my husband Chris and I reached out to Keene Murray Therapy. They're a really nice couple, both therapists, who practice together. Chris found them by googling marriage counselors in 11215, so it wasn't this intense vetting that I'm prone to do. We lucked out –– Gretta and Bill are empathetic listeners and even though they're both white, I felt supported in discussing my upbringing in a Chinese household with immigrant parents. (Chris is white, for the record.) I joke sometimes that it was a good thing we went to counseling before the pandemic hit because being quarantined and working from home with a toddler and newborn might have broken us. We obviously still have disagreements and occasionally fall on old communication habits, but our fights don't last days like they used to thanks to a shift in thinking we learned in counseling.
  • Marriage counseling advice

    I highly recommend Gretta Keene and Bill Murray. They are a husband and wife team in Windsor terrace. My husband and I saw them before we got married to help with communication and it was an excellent experience. We have a great relationship and they provided us with tools to be even more successful. We saw them together 6 or so years ago and still continue to apply what we learned. We have also seen them separately - I’ve been to Gretta for many years and my husband saw Bill for a while too. They are both wonderful but Gretta is an exceptional human being who is real, calls me out and challenges me in a perfectly balanced way.
  • (no subject)

    i highly recommend gretta keene of keene murray up on PPW at the circle. she's easy to talk to, compassionate and specializes in traumas like this. wishing you lots of luck (may 2012)
  • (no subject)

    cannot give a strong enough recommendation for Keene Murray Therapy. Greta and Bill work with couples as a couple. They are patient, flexible, and SO caring. After particularly gruesome sessions, they check in to make sure we're OK (and both still alive!), even from their vacations. They understand that sometimes couples need emergency help and see patients on weekends, in the evening, or over Skype. The first time I called, Bill answered on a Sunday morning and they saw us an hour later. They have saved my marriage. We're not perfect and we still have some knock down drag out fights but there are moments when we're also able to enjoy each other in a way that we haven't in years. It's a work in a process, (it's looking like its going to be long process), but our goal is to get there together. With Greta and Bill on our side, we just might make it. (September 2011)
  • (no subject)

    I recommend the Keene Murray therapy team (very creative folks and specialize in couples work too). In south park slope. (December, 2010)
  • (no subject)

    I was looking for someone to give my son a specific IQ test for a school. It is not a common IQ test that is used around here. I contacted many psychologists and some never heard of it and others had but did not have the test to give. William F. Murray not only heard of it, but gave me background information about it and also had the test. I had a pre-test appointment with Murray without my son, to discuss my son in order for him get to know a little about my son to make the testing environment as comfortable as possible. Then at another time my 7 year old son proceeded to take the test and was very comfortable and happy walking into his office, during the test and very comfortable and happy after the test. My son had fun taking it. Afterward William F Murray gave a very detailed report that included details about my son, his score, and also a detailed explanation of the IQ test. I recommend him and his practice highly. My son considered the test an enjoyable experience. (May, 2010)