Kate Soloff - Doula K8
Kate Soloff - Doula K8


Hi neighbors! I am a certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, CBC, and Lactation/Feeding Specialist. I live in Flatbush with my partner, our baby girl and our fur baby Gus. I love to support birthing people and their families prenatally, during labor and in the postpartum period. This is such an intimate, special time and I am honored to help folks make the transition to parenthood a bit smoother.

Reviews (6)

  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? February 2023 Review: Generally really good. Super attentive, caring, funny, Very talkative, knowledgeable, somewhat opinionated but very well meaning. Any advice for people who are considering using a birth doula? Just do it if you can as first time parents. They are generally a very calming presence and very helpful to partners too! Any advice for people considering hiring a postpartum caregiver? Our birthday doula did postpartum visits too and it was super helpful! Kate is a Great cook and helped set me up with good lactation consultants that were really good and very good fits for me.
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    Birth Doula: Kate Soloff and Jess Apfel What month and year was your child born? March 2023 Review: Kate and Jess were both amazing people and Doula’s. I am grateful to have had both of their support during pregnancy during birth and beyond. Kate is witty and relaxed and has tons of hands-on experience about breast-feeding and feeding in general, while jess is a prenatal yoga instructor, and has a very peaceful energy and knowledge of the body that was very welcome when she attended my birth. Any advice for people who are considering using a birth doula? My advice is that a Doula will greatly enhance your and your partners experience. They made me and my husband feel confident and supported, and even relaxed as we entered the experience. Postpartum Caregiver: Kate Soloff Review: It was great to have Kates company and support after birth. She came over and cooked me food of my choosing. She made a delicious Indian kitcheri and enough portions of it to last a few meals. She also made an amazing chili. She helped me understand how to use my breast pump, and was able to give me advice on latching and breast-feeding. Any advice for people considering hiring a postpartum caregiver? If you have the funds to hire a postpartum Doula, I highly recommend it. It was so nice to know that somebody would be coming to visit me who knew what was going on and what to do and would not expect me to entertain them in return.
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    Postpartum Caregiver: Jessica Apfel and Kate Soloff Review: We were a little overwhelmed by the postpartum doulas. It was very hard to schedule time with them (or anyone) so early on, if I do it again we will probably take 2 weeks on our own and then have the pp doula come starting week 3 so we have time to get a groove going. They were helpful with grocery shopping and advice though, and they walked our dog too.
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? March 2023 Review: Kate was fantastic before, during, and after my daughter’s birth. She helped me find a great acupuncturist to treat me for various third trimester discomforts, helped us figure out what we needed for the hospital and to find child birthing classes. I was induced and Kate helped us feel confident about the induction. During my labor, she was upbeat, resourceful and empowering, and helped coach me into poses which I am convinced helped my induction go very quickly. She had lots of tools on hand as well (ice pops! A hair band! Essential oils!). After labor she was an incredible resource to me and my husband as we navigated bringing our daughter home, always available by text and phone, and her post partum visits were fantastic. Simply put, she was the best. We are so grateful she was part of this experience with us. Any advice for people who are considering using a birth doula? Definitely hire a doula. Definitely take the time to figure out the right person for you.
  • Kate and Jessica Birth Doulas

    I recently gave birth to my son and wanted to write a recommendation for our birth doulas, Jessica Apfel and Kate Soloff. We chose Jess and Kate because they are passionate about their jobs, but also are laid back and fun to talk to. They offered virtual meets before to discuss what to expect during labor, birth and postpartum. I unexpectedly had to get induced three weeks early, which was a little scary. Jess and Kate were available immediately for phone calls to help talk us through what was happening and provided us with emotional support. Jessica was assigned to us during the birth, she was so calming and made us feel better during a couple of stressful moments. She also brought a whole bag of tricks to help keep me comfortable during labor. Even with an epidural she was able to help me reposition in bed using pillows and a peanut ball. We were both very grateful she was there with us for the birth of our child! After the birth Jess and Kate both made separate visits to our apartment. Kate was extremely helpful with breastfeeding support and helping us navigate some of our baby gear. Jessica made us lactation balls (they were delicious) and helped us reflect on the birth experience as well as provided me with some ideas for healing. If anyone is pregnant and looking for a birth doula I highly recommend this team!
  • ISO Postpartum Doula or Baby Nurse Recommendations for daytime help

    Kate Soloff took care of me/my family after the birth of our second child back in May. ( We have a dog and she was great with him- took him on long walks every time she came over - watched our newborn so we could have solo time with our toddler - and my personal favorite support: her cooking!