Kai Kleinbard - The Body Literate
Kai Kleinbard - The Body Literate


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Reviews (2)

  • Executive Functioning Tutor

    My sons have been working with Kai Kleinbard at Body Literate for a few years now. And right now my one child works with Susan in his practice. They do and have an outlet in the South Slope too! I highly recommend them. It's been so helpful to me and both my guys with their exec functioning challenges. They're currently in 7th and 10th grades.
  • Need executive functioning tutor

    I highly recommend Kai Kleinbard of bodyLITERATE My son really connected with Kai and looks forward to each session, which combines both executive function work and body awareness through the Alexander Technique — a great combination for mental and physical awareness and focus. Kai has a great energy, communicates well with us, and also makes the effort to connect with the class deans to let them know what he is working on with our son and have that line of communication open if needed to support him. We do sessions during the summer as well, especially helpful close to the start of school to start thinking about getting back into that mindset and even reviewing math and science concepts. I think for a teen, working with a young, energetic and creative coach like Kai could be a good fit.