The Junkluggers
The Junkluggers


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Reviews (5)

  • Junk Haulers?

    We loved Junkluggers - they salvage what they can, so not everything makes its way straight to the dump!
  • Service to Remove Unwanted Furniture from Storage Unit

    I just used Junkluggers to remove a bunch of items from a business that is closing and I was really happy with them. They do charge for the service, but as you are finding, it is really hard to find a way to deal with this sort of thing for free. The great thing about Junkluggers is that they are committed to re-using and recycling as much as possible. They take the things away and sort them; they refurbish what they can; and they partner with charities all over the area to donate as much as they can to those in need. If they are able to donate your items to a charity, they will send you a donation receipt for tax purposes. If you can't find anyone who is willing to pick up the items for free (which I could not either), this may be your best option.
  • Bulk Item Disposal

    I recommend Junkluggers NYC - I used them to get rid of a couch and I'm a fan. The only downside is that you PAY them to take your stuff but the upside: - they can come the next day (b/c my new couch was delivered weeks in advance!) - they're professional, prompt, customer service was great - and it took all the hassle out of it for me. their model is to try to be environmentally friendly/socially conscious. So they go through the work of seeing if your stuff can be donated and then delivering it to the donation site (after which yo'ud get the receipt for your taxes); or if it can't be donated, then they take it apart and see if the parts are of value to anyone (to donate or sell) and if they STILL can't find a taker, then because its in parts they dispose/recycle it properly. for one couch (which is what I had), you get charged the smallest rate -they charge by how much space your stuff takes up in their pickup van.
  • review/recommendation

    We had a bunch of stuff in our cellar that was mostly old construction debris and junk, some of which predated our living there and called Junkluggers to clear it. They did a good job, gave us a reliable quote up front, showed up on time, and they give away anything that could be donated.
  • Back Re: Rubbish/Junk Removal

    I recommend Junkluggers - I particularly like that they donate or recycle whatever they can from what they pick up and provide you with a receipt for anything donated! (Review submitted 1/2014)