Julie Blumenfeld
Julie Blumenfeld


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  • Julie Blumenfeld

    My eighth-grade daughter was terribly behind in math, so we reached out to Julie last winter. I highly recommend her. My daughter was a tough case. She started working with Julie in January, and worked with her until the end of the school year. She had been completely disengaged with remote learning, and had no idea of most of the concepts they'd been learning for the whole year. She had major anxiety around math, and underestimated what she did know. Julie was patient and encouraging, and used lots of different methods and approaches to help her. I listened in on many of the Zoom tutoring sessions, and at points where I would be tearing my hair out, Julie was so patient and encouraging. When we worked with our daughter on non-tutoring days, she often said "I remember that from working with Julie." Based in part on Julie's observations, we ended up getting a neuropsych evaluation. Julie was very helpful there too, taking the time to share her impressions with the evaluator. She gave great detailed summaries of each session. She works with high levels of math, and does SAT and ACT tutoring as well. Here's her email:
  • Need high school level math tutor reos asap!!

    Highly recommend Julie Blumenfeld, who helped my son prep for the SHSAT and tutors him in Algebra 2. She's a PSP herself.
  • ISO: recommendations for math tutor

    I recommend Julie Blumenfeld as a math tutor. She was very helpful to my son in prepping him for math for the shsat and works with a number of kids to help them with math in elementary all the way up to high school.
  • Re: ISO: Math Tutor for High School Student (9th Grade)

    I strongly recommend Julie Blumenfeld, a park slope parent who tutored my son for the SHSAT -- he loved working with her, and she had a gift for connecting with kids and teaching math.