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We’re passionate about working with families. As a family-owned and Brooklyn-based moving company, we understand what goes into relocating an active household with kids, toys, equipment, pets, and plants. Our team takes the time to get to know your needs and provide you with a customized quote for the most cost-effective, efficient, and stress-free move. So that once you’ve moved, you can put your kids to bed in time, and we can come home and do the same.

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment or house, in or out of the city, or moving into storage, our team is here to help! We specialize in residential and commercial moves with full-service packing unpacking, furniture disassembly/reassembly, and furniture disposal as needed. We can also move your appliances, pianos, delicate and fragile items, and fine art. We provide eco-friendly bins for local moves and leave them with you for a week to unpack and pick them back up.

We conduct no-contact moves and take remote move management to a whole new level. We give personalized attention to your job, and oversee all the necessary details for your move.

We are COVID-19 prepared. Our movers wear PPE gear (masks & gloves) on every job and use disinfectant wipes to clean frequently touched surfaces. Learn about our Safety Precautions for COVID-19.

We’re a licensed, fully insured, and BBB accredited moving company with fully stocked & GPS-equipped trucks and $5M COI coverage.

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Reviews (24)

  • ISO: reliable and honest moving company?

    We used JP urban recently after PSP recommendations and had an awesome experience! Didn’t think I’d ever say anything nice about movers, never been impressed before.
  • Moving company recommendations with pack/unpack services

    We moved last month and used JP Urban based on the very good reviews here. Crews are vaccinated and they assured us the movers would wear masks (we asked on account of several neighbors with serious health issues). The crew actually did wear masks, which was a great relief to us. They packed for us one day, and moved us the next. They came in under the quote, were very efficient, and were incredibly gracious about moving from one walk-up building to another. Plus nothing was broken. Highly recommend them!
  • Moving company recommendations with pack/unpack services

    We moved within Brooklyn at the beginning of 2021 and had a great experience with JP Urban after hearing positive things from PSP. They packed our whole apartment one day and moved us the next. We didn’t use them for unpacking but worth checking if they offer that too. I believe we got a discount for being PSP members. Overall the price was reasonable and we were very satisfied with their service and professionalism.
  • Recent Movers Reviews

    We just worked with JP Urban Movers for a move within BK, and it looks like, from their website that they do moves outside of the city too. They were wonderful, really communicative, so careful with all of our items, and so fast. Strongly recommend!
  • ISO: Affordable, trustworthy movers

    We once moved just two blocks away in Boerum Hill and had a great experience with JP Urban Movers. I had used them a while back when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn too. Both times we had excellent service, they were super careful, and priced well.
  • moving company recommendations

    We used JP urban moving last week for Brooklyn to CT and we were happy with them. They were a rare moving company that is willing to wear masks in case that matters to you. They also offer a 10% PSP discount!
  • ISO movers for a local move

    Another vote for JP Urban! They were professional, fast and efficient. Also mention PSP for a discount!
  • ISO movers for a local move

    A few years ago we had a great experience with JP Urban moving within Brooklyn. They were so efficient and so nice. Highly recommend.
  • Movers who pack

    We moved in November with JP Urban, and they were great. Good communication, good COVID protocols, and they packed and moved our apt without breaking anything. And they are also owned by a local mom and give a 10% PSP discount! Good luck with the move!
  • Mover recommendations during covid

    I had to move during the worst Covid outbreak last year and I used JP Urban Moving. I was pregnant at the time and very stressed about the move but they did an amazing job. Believe it or not, at the time they were one of the very few moving companies that actually enforced masks and gloves. This was before masks were widely used by everyone so I was impressed with that. They limited contact with us entirely and got our things to our new place safe and sound. However, I don’t think they are the most affordable option. I’d say they’re somewhere in the middle.
  • ISO: reputable moving company

    JP Urban Moving were great for us. We moved back in April when things were really bad with Covid and I was pregnant. They took all of the precautions.
  • movers for very small move

    We just used JP Urban Moving to help move a few pieces of big furniture within the same apartment building and they were wonderful and reasonable compared to other places we looked. I’d highly recommend them!
  • Mover recommendations

    We moved earlier this summer with JP Urban Moving and they were great. They gave us an accurate estimate and they were very professional and responsible. They wore masks at all times and they were nice to talk to.
  • Moving Companies

    Per PSP recs, we used JP Urban Moving and had a great experience. (As a bonus, they offer a membership discount.)
  • Recommendation for movers?

    A couple of people have asked me to post a summary re: movers in a time of COVID - I received recommendations for JB Urban Moving, J&G Movers, and Om Moving.
  • Moving Company that will pack for you

    I second JP Urban Moving. They have moved me twice and were excellent and thorough both times. They helped with packing both times.
  • Moving Company that will pack for you

    JP Urban Moving packed and moved us two summers ago and they were amazing and reasonably priced. I particularly liked that they use the reusable bins for as much as they can, so I wasn’t throwing away hundreds of boxes after the move. Highly recommend them!
  • Movers

    I moved on 10/30 and i think affordable, easy and yes, even environmentally friendly are relative terms. We used JP Urban Moving and they are widely recommended on this list and I got a number of private emails recommending them, as well. They did a walk through of my place and gave me an estimate. They came in two shifts -- the first after a different morning job where they wrapped up everything except the bed we slept on overnight and then the next day they came and loaded the truck and moved us less than a mile from where we lived. It all took a little longer than estimated as we moved to a 6th floor apartment and there is one small elevator .. no freight elevator. They put everything back together and put things where we wanted them to go. The guys were hardworking and friendly and I, too, would definitely recommend them. They made a hard job less hard for us and were polite and honest. They literally handed me change they found on the floor when they moved things. It was expensive. Still they were cheaper than any of the bigger moving services but more than the smaller guys who had less reviews and I was worried about taking a chance on them. We were moving from a large 3 bedroom on two floors in a townhouse to a 2 bedroom in an elevator building. It was a lot of stuff. In terms of environmentally friendly -- NO. Tons of plastic and tape was used to secure items. Lots and lots of boxes that we bought and are giving away so at least they'll get a second use before I hope the next person recycles them. They offered a link and discount to crates you can borrow but we didn't do that. We also had mounds and mounds of giveaway .. a church picked up from our house and lots of garbage. There were probably recyclables that we didn't recycle because it's such a nightmare moving and you are soooo exhausted - in general, that it's hard to do it all. (November 2019)
  • moving costs

    We used JP Urban recently too, and were very happy with them. They were fast, polite, and I don't think they broke or scratched a thing. (November 2019)
  • ISO Movers who communicate by email/text

    We moved recently and used JP Urban Movers and they were excellent. All of our initial communications were messaging through Yelp, and then day-of, their office initiated a text thread with myself and the crew. I’m sure they would be willing to do all communicating that way. Great local company. (November 2019)
  • moving costs

    We just moved recently with JP Urban Moving, and had a really good experience. They helped us move a lot of stuff into storage first, and then a final move from old place & storage (2 stops) into new place. They charge by the hour & #workers; and the rates are totally fair. We did $119/hr/4men, and they did the first move in 2.5hr and the final move in almost 6 hours. They're super efficient, polite, and careful with all of our stuff - nothing was broken/damaged for us. I highly recommend them. (November 2019)
  • ISO Movers who communicate by email/text

    We also recently used JP Urban Movers and had a similarly positive experience, complete with text communications etc. (November 2019)
  • Mover recommendations?

    We just used JP Urban Movers last Friday, and they did a great job. (July 2019)
  • JP Urban Moving Review

    We had a great experience with the moving company JP Urban Moving. They were so pleasant to work with. They did a wonderful job and highly recommend this company. They are efficient and professional! It's also very affordable compared to other moving companies. They bring supplies too in case you need extra boxes, etc. Highly recommend them!