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  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Industry City, Brooklyn How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 4.5 Review: I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this camp! My daughter took a weekly gymnastics class with Joy so we decided to go for the camp this summer. They allow you to sign up by the day and we did about 3 weeks total, spread throughout the summer. My daughter loved it and always wanted to go. She got lots of active time and they go outside most days unless the weather doesn’t permit. They have a very structured schedule that includes gymnastics and art. An aside, my daughter has a complicated food allergy and they accommodated and kept her safe. The coaches are wonderful. Highly recommend! What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? They prefer the kids to wear masks, though it’s completely optional, and all coaches wear masks indoors.