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Reviews (2)

  • ISO: great bra store

    I had a great experience at the Journelle store in Soho recently after realizing that my online bras (third love) were just not cutting it. It’s made a huge difference to have bras that really fit and the woman who helped me there was absolutely lovely.
  • Post-nursing bra recommendations

    I highly recommend Journelle. I’ve only been to the LoMa location, but I had a great experience there. I could never find bras that fit me and it turns out I’d been wearing the wrong size bra for most of my life (one of those “off” sizes that places like VS don’t typically carry). The staff are great, patient and non-judgmental. Price is a little higher than VS but comparable to a department store and I think totally worth it considering the quality of the product / service. If you take good care (delicate wash, separate bag, gentle lingerie specific detergent), they will last a long time.