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  • Recommended Tax Accountant?

    I second Joe Romano. He’s wonderful. My husband and I have been using him for years. He sees clients in-person or on zoom.
  • Recommended Tax Accountant?

    I received a great referral from PSP a few years back and stand by using him. Joe Romano. He’s very responsive, professional and nice. Gets the job done efficiently
  • CPA Recommendation

    Joe Romano is great, very responsive and he will thoroughly walk you through all of his work if you like. I am very annoying with these things and ask him tons of questions and he has always been extremely responsive and has never minded how much I reach out post-taxes.
  • ISO: Accountant with Rental Income Experience

    Joe Romano helps me with my taxes, inclusive of a two family house, and, before that, helped me pay my nanny on the books. And has given me loads of support and advise over the years. Now also helping my aging parents with their taxes as they reluctantly admit they need more help (which took a bit of artful chattiness on Joe's part).
  • 2018 Review

    I highly recommend Joe Romano. I used to use H& R block. You will be glad you switched to Joe!
  • 2018 Review

    I didn’t shop around so I can speak to how competitive he is, but he’s been unbelievably generous with his time, advice, and support over the years especially as I put my nanny on the books years ago and then had to consider the tax consequences of choosing whether to buy my ex out of the house and that’s worth a lot to me.
  • Do you love your tax preparer?

    I have used Joe Romano for the past several years and been EXTREMELY happy with him. (I originally found him via the PSP website, I think). He is totally knowledgable, super responsive and reasonably priced. And his website has an easy interface for uploading tax documents. He makes our complex tax situation easy for me to deal with.
  • Joseph Romano accountant

    I recently worked with Joseph Romano on an income tax issue. He did an amazing job and worked very fast to get a great result. Can’t recommend his services enough.
  • Re: Accountant recommendation

    I second the recommendation for Joe Romano at Presti & Naegele. I was thinking of posting a spontaneous recommendation on this list yesterday, as we have just filed our taxes after the first year working with Joe. We have moderately complicated taxes and he handled it all like a pro. And it's not just Joe, it's his whole firm and its staff. What a pleasure, after many years of working with less-than-stellar accountants, to work with a firm that so has its act together. No need to mail hard copies of anything, they have a secure website where you can upload all of your documents and then download your completed taxes. After all that happened, I needed a copy of our return with social security numbers masked. And then realized I needed them to break down various schedules into separate PDFs for us. Those things were done almost immediately after the first time I requested them, even at this hectic time of year. I deal with so many companies, large and small, that I have to nag to get whatever task is at hand completed, and it's so frustrating. How refreshing to deal with a firm that just does what needs to be done and does it well the first time.
  • Accountant rec - joe romano

    I followed a [previous] rec for joe Romano from presti naegele several years ago. He's been wonderful to work with, very responsive, helpful and patient. He held my hand while I went through the process of putting our former nanny on the books, too, in addition to ongoing, annual taxes.
  • Re: ISO Financial Adviser with Tax Help

    For tax issues I highly recommend our accountant, Joe Romano at Presti & Naegele.
  • Re: Accountant shout out

    I third the shout out - in fact, I found Joe through [a previous poster] when she posted to PSP about him several years ago (thanks for the rec, Lisa!) and we are VERY HAPPY with him. And his staff. Nothing but the best things to say about him. I feel like he sits by his email waiting to hear from us and keeps his calendar wide open just in case we need to reschedule. Did I mention he and I spoke on the phone no less than SIX times in one day when he shepherded me through the process of buying disability and workers comp insurance online for our nanny at the time? Six times?!?! Like our own private accountant... Sorry for the duplicate post for those people to whom I've written offline to send a recommendation for Joe when asked for recs. But I can't sing his praises enough.
  • Accountant shout out

    Based on recommendations from the list, I used Joe Romano from Presti & Naegele to do our taxes this year. I could not be more pleased. Joe is a great guy, I felt like we were in really good hands, and he is very reasonably priced. I know it's last minute but if you're still looking, I recommend Joe 100%.
  • Re: Looking for good accountant

    I second this recommendation. In fact, I found Joe through [the previous poster's] several years ago when we moved our nanny to on-the-books pay. At our first visit, Joe was happy to meet with us on a Saturday, stepped out of a staff meeting to spend over an hour with us, and had his staff keep an eye on our 3 year old son who was with us at the time when at some point we simply needed 5 minutes to focus. Then, Joe took my call no less than six times in one day to answer my obscenely detailed and alarmist questions about filling in the online form to get worker's comp and disability insurance from NYS. Francis, whom we call his sidekick, is so on top of things and a pleasure to work with as well. We no longer have a nanny, but we continue to use Joe and Francis for our annual taxes because they makes the process unbelievably smooth and, in fact, almost pleasant!
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    I can't speak more highly of my accountant of 10+ years. I'm a real estate attorney and refer him to all clients who ask for a recommendation. I also am a real estate owner and can attest to his knowledge. Plus, I'm self employed with complicated tax returns. He and his firm are reasonably priced, diligent, knowledgeable in various aspects of accounting issues (many of my clients are investors and/or foreign nationals). (Recommended 1/10)