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  • Jon Pope

    We recently hired Jon Pope for a backsplash installation in our kitchen. The tiles we had selected were textured with an irregular hexagonal shape, and we knew going into it that the project wouldn’t be easy. But from the moment we started working with Jon Pope, he immediately elicited confidence in getting us the backsplash we had hoped of having for years. During the two-day project, he came at the beginning and end of the day to both set up his worker and later check on their work. Throughout the day, he made sure to remain available over the phone to talk through any questions we had or adjustments we wanted to be made. His demeanor was always friendly and he refused to wrap the project until we were completely satisfied with the end result. His price was very reasonable and we were very happy with how everything turned out. We would recommend him highly to anyone else looking for contractor help with tiling or various other projects.
  • Contractor Rec after being ghosted

    We had a pretty extensive renovation (combined two apartments together, gutted a bathroom, new floors, etc) & were pleased with our contractor. His name is Jon Pope& is usually pretty quick to answer either phone (917) 769-0210 or email
  • ISO general contractor for kitchen work

    I can highly recommend Jon Pope, whose name I got from this listserv! He just did some general contracting work for us. He was lovely to work with, the work was well done, and he finished right on time! He is a Brooklyn local.
  • I need a lawyer to sue my contractor and a new contractor

    Have to second Jon Pope! Although with all the rave reviews he'll probably be so in-demand no one on PSP can get him...he's the best...never runs you around, does the work for a good price, super communicative...
  • 2018 Review

    on Pope Jon Pope Jon Pope. We used him to renovate a top floor rental in Windsor Terrace. My Step-mother now calls him "our gem." - Nice - we genuinely enjoyed his company, which is great because you have to be around your contractor a lot - Professional team - everyone he brought with him was excellent and courteous - Efficient - came in ahead of schedule - Affordable - a third of the price of the other quotes we got, and even came in under THAT. - Adaptable - worked with antique nature of some of the apartment (original claw foot tub), but also did the whole brand new stacking washer dryer/Ikea cabinet arrangement for the kitchen.
  • 2018 Review

    We love Jon Pope. He did a great job with the small kitchen in our top floor rental. Super nice, quick, and reasonably priced.