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  • ISO: off site rug cleaners

    Also, JL Carpet and Upholstery (917) 583-4245‬ The owner's name is Jared. He's been cleaning our rugs for years and the prices are good and the results excellent (including getting out stains form pets).
  • Is rug cleaning worth it?

    We used JL for our rugs and were happy with them - except for some parts that were just plain worn, they looked almost like new afterwards. We had cleaned them ourselves with a steam cleaner a few years before and the results were not nearly as good. I thought it was worth it and the price for 5 rugs seems in line with what I'd expect. I'll note that JL also did carpeting in common areas of our building and worked really hard, even coming back to do extra work on some tar stains that some messy roofers had left on one of the landings, and the results were also much better (and less frustrating) than when we did it ourselves a few years before.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaners

    I have used JL Carpet for rugs and sofas and had good experiences.
  • ISO: carpet cleaner in PS or pick up / delivery service

    We’ve used JL Carpet a couple of times and have been pleased with the results. A bit on the pricey side, but we were cleaning carpets handed down from family.
  • Pick-up rug cleaning?

    Highly recommend JL Carpet & Upholstery. We use them every year for sofa and rug cleaning. Call or text Jarred 917-583-4245.
  • Re: ISO: Carpet Cleaner

    JL carpet and upholstery. We love Jared, the owner, and he does a great job!
  • ISO affordable upholstery cleaning service

    JL Carpet is great. They are a local business. The owner, Jared, is super nice, as are the 2 or 3 other people from the company who I've interacted with. I believe Jared might give a PSP discount, too. They are a pleasure to work with (no affiliation!, just a former dog owner w many opportunities for couch and rug cleanings!!).
  • Couch cleaning recommendation

    I second the reco for Jared at JL Carpet Cleaning. Great work, super nice guy. We've used him multiple times. (Reviewed April 2015)
  • Couch cleaning recommendation

    Call jarred from jl carpet. I have used him several times and he is great ! (Reviewed April 2015)