Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson


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Reviews (6)

  • ISO Reasonably Priced Attorney to Draft Will

    I recommend Jessica Wilson. She has her own law practice in the Columbia Waterfront District. She has helped me with my funeral directive.
  • life admin question - writing a will

    We used Jessica Wilson (on Columbia Street) for our living wills, and we really like her. She does a lot of things virtually, so no need to go in person, but she specializes in estate planning.
  • Attorney Recs for setting up will and other just-in-case docs?

    My wife and used Jessica Wilson. She does primarily wills and estates and is pleasant to work with. She has a neighborhood office in the Columbia Waterfront and very accessible, approachable and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
  • ISO: Estate Planning Attorney in Brooklyn

    My wife and I are using Jessica Wilson who has an office on the Columbia Waterfront/Carrol Gardens west. I highly recommend her: I have a business and I was shocked to realize that everything wouldn’t go automatically to my wife if I didn’t have a Will and business succession planning. She’s been very helpful with setting us up even though we have a lot of complexities to our situation- very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with especially since the subject matter isn’t the most fun. She explains everything very clearly.
  • ISO: Lawyer to Update Existing Will & Trust Documents Based on Additional Child

    Jessica Wilson gets my vote! She's a local attorney and specializes in this area. She gets rave reviews from everyone who uses her. A true pleasure to work with not to mention she's local and is women owned!
  • Trust lawyer recommendation: Jessica Wilson

    We executed our final wills, living wills, healthcare proxies, and power of attorney documents with Jessica Wilson and could not be happier with the results. She does house calls which justified her 1400 fee and which enabled us to put all our affairs in order within a matter of three weekends while the baby napped (she came on December 8 to talk through what we wanted and needed to know, turned around the documents within a week, then came on the 22nd for signing). Jessica was really helpful in apprising us of the tax implications of our decisions and in giving us the lay of the land when it came to options. What we didn’t know is that in ny state, amendments to a will essentially mean you have to re-execute the document and we did not want to have to pay legal fees again for that, so Jessica was really helpful in helping us think through future proofing our willa. We also had some super specific clauses we wanted (especially regarding international assets and family) and she was able to help come up with ways to honor those terms. Finally, she sat with us to change the beneficiary forms and filled out tricky ones like the one for life insurance. It was an oddly pleasant experience to have all account numbers and assets in one place and she gives you the original documents once she’s scanned them for her records so that you never have to worry about getting your hands on the real deal (and there’s still a backup with her). Jessica was a real pro and a pleasure to work with.