Jerry M. Madden, Jr. - Allied Wealth Partners
Jerry M. Madden, Jr. - Allied Wealth Partners


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    My husband and I started working with Jerry (Jerome) Madden at Allied Wealth Partners in our mid-twenties (when we were much poorer, haha), at the recommendation of a colleague of mine. He has never charged for financial advice (just asked for good word of mouth), as he gets paid via a percent of the investments he controls on our behalf. We've been working with Jerry for 12 years now and have never looked into an alternative financial advisor as we've been happy with him and our portfolio. He's great about initiating annual chats about our financial goals as well as reaching out in times of market flux if he thinks we should make any changes to our investments. He is also very responsive when we reach out with questions/concerns or ask about new investments we may want to start. We are pretty financially conservative when it comes to investments (primarily mutual funds), and although he makes recommendations on how we might want to change our investments, we have never felt pressured into any particular funds or other financial products. He has also never tried to take over any money that we didn't bring to him - we have substantial $$ outside of our investments with him, and he has been respectful of only making recommendations for the money that we say we want to invest. Most recently when we were expecting our first child, we told him we wanted to increase our life insurance policies, and then we super dropped the ball for several months when I had the baby and we were raising a newborn. Jerry was really good about checking in with gentle reminders that there were additional steps we needed to take while also respecting that we were being terrible with communication and follow-through for a good reason!