Jeffrey Dressel, DDS
Jeffrey Dressel, DDS


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Reviews (7)

  • ISO: adult dentist

    I’ve seen Dr. Dressel at South Brooklyn Dentistry in Carroll Gardens for many years now. After avoiding going to the dentist in NYC for many years due to hearing horror stories about shoddy work, over diagnosing for $, etc., he was recommended to me by a friend who’s had some really bad dental experiences prior. His staff is very friendly, hygienists are nice and don’t make cleanings painful, and Dr. Dressel will give you an honest assessment of your teeth and in my experience, be pretty conservative in recommending treatment. I’ve only ever gone while I had insurance (which they make super easy) so not sure what out of pocket is like.
  • No dental insurance & Need root canal and new crown

    I see Dr. Dressel and don’t have dental insurance. As dental work goes, I find his rates very reasonable.
  • ISO: local dentist (for adult)

    My husband and I really like Dr. Dressel and everyone who works at his office. They are on 2nd place in Carroll Gardens. We don't have dental insurance either and the visits are reasonably priced, I think about $150. Also, they're good about spacing out X-Rays so you don't have to pay for them every time.
  • Dentist for Adults

    My husband and I really like Dr. Dressel at South Brooklyn Dentist on 2nd Place and Clinton St. He is excellent and very nice. The hygienists in the the office are also great. Both of my parents see Dr. Dressel as well.
  • [Winter2016Babies] Pediatric Dentist

    If anyone happens to need a dentist themselves, my husband and I both see Dr. Dressel on the adult side of the office and he's also fantastic!
  • emergency dentist in our area

    Call Dr. Dressel
  • Re: Looking for a dentist to perform root canal and restore tooth

    I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Dressel. He's in Carroll Gardens. Both my husband and I have been going to him for over 10 years and he's done root canals on us both as well. He's great!