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  • Shoutout for Jean Pugni, our terrific piano and guitar teacher

    We love Jean, too, she's a wonderful teacher and we highly recommend her!!
  • Shoutout for Jean Pugni, our terrific piano and guitar teacher

    Just wanted to recommend our music teacher, Jean Pugni. She has been teaching my older son (age 10) piano for the past 3 years (before the pandemic in person, during the pandemic on zoom, and now back to in person again) and just started teaching my younger son (age 8) guitar. She comes to your house for a fee that is similar to what we were paying to schlep to a music studio, she offers a PSP discount, and she teaches both piano AND guitar, in case your kids have varied interests. I love how kind and patient she is with my kids. She encourages a varied repertoire, from Bach to the Beatles, and is always happy to let the kids play what interests them (from Hamilton show tunes to annoying Minecraft songs). She also encourages improvisation and composition, and works with the kids on both these skills. Pre-pandemic, she offered an in-person recital twice a year, and during the pandemic, we did Zoom recitals. She still has openings in her fall schedule, and you can read more about her and get her contact info at her website:
  • Looking for a Piano Teacher

    I recommend Jean Pugni: she’s terrific with kids!
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    I would like to recommend Jean Pugni as a piano teacher. She has been teaching my daughter for five years, since my daughter was five. She also teaches my husband and myself. With each of us she is kind, patient, fun, funny and engaged. She comes to our place to teach us and usually has a mountain of music in all different styles. Right now my daughter is working on Bach, Nirvana, and Journey. Needless to say, Jean’s flexibility really help to keep my daughter interested and enthusiastic about her lessons. Not only have we all improved a lot, but I can tell from the twice-yearly recitals that her other students are also getting better and better. Try a lesson - I think you’ll be really happy.
  • Shout out

    A ‘shout out’ to recommend Jean Pugni who offers private lessons for piano & guitar in your home. I have known Jean for ten years, and have referred her to many friends over the years, people who were looking for a patient, caring piano teacher. While she has given lessons to my daughter (who loved her), we ended up switching to sax for awhile so I speak most recently to the strides I've seen made by those students that I personally know - longstanding family friends. I find her approach to be very individualized, honing in on what interests the student (classical, blues, composition, etc.). She has what I would describe as "meet them where they’re at approach” - not pushy but ultimately tries to instill some level of discipline. She also does band coaching for rock, jazz, blues, and arranges recitals twice a year. Beyond this, Jean and I have enjoyed many piano collaborations together, and I can speak to her easy-going nature.